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High temperatures

How often do your kids get high temperatures and what do you do about it? U has had a weird temp today and B had one over the weekend. I've given them paracetamol but other than being tired with a high temp nothing else appears to be wrong but I worry about being too laid back.


  • Very rarely gets a high temperature. But when she does I would treat with calpol - I wouldn't worry unless she was obviously very ill. She did have a weird virus thing the other week - not a temperature, just exhausted and off her food. My H said I should take her to the docs but I couldn't see what I would say - shes a bit ill but not too bad. I just keep an eye on her.

  • M rarely gets high temps, I worry when she does. Although last time she had a uti, so other than tiredness and temps there weren't any great signs until I started questioning her and she said she had a sore back. It then took 3 days for the doctor to agree with me but that's another story! I think mummy instinct tells you if you should worry or not.

  • I do worry when my nearly 2 year old gets a high temp as he has had 6 febrile convulsions since November last year. Luckily he hasn't had a high temp since January. I brought a Braun electric ear thermometer and it has been fantastic to keep a check on his temperature. I check it regularly and if I need to I give him callow and nurofen

  • J gets random high temperatures quite often. Will last 24 hours or so then he'll be back to normal. I only medicate if its particularly high, over 38.5 normally

  • Phew glad to hear from you on that one Ally!

    Well she was really ill in the night with an upset stomach, which I had 48 hours previously but had put my upset stomach down to having to drive a long way and stress - forget that I could ahve just had a stomach bug!

  • I probably over medicate L but I'd rather try the medicine than risk not medicating. Any signs of a cough, snot snivels, high temp he gets the syringe!

  • I would rather err on the side of caution as well but B seems to be getting lots of random high temps at the moment and starting to wonder whether to hold back. Yesterday U face suddenly went flame red whilst at the cinema I wasn't siure if she was reacting to the drink she had or popcorn or whether it was an illness causing a gtemp. Still nto entirely sure but was wondering whether it was just a random high temp.

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