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Inspire me with your weight loss stories and advice!

I'm starting to get a bit down about how I'm not losing my baby weight and I feel really faT. I was a 10-12 before baby and now v hippy and bummy and about a 14-16 :(. I keep reading how everyone else is back to pre baby sizes so its obv not going to happen naturally for me so I need help to lose the weight.

so inspire me please!!

also, has anyone followed slimming world? Do you know what you do differently if breast feeding?

thank you!


  • Havent had baby weight to lose yet, but I have lost a fair bit of weight in the past!

    I used to do WeightWatchers, worked better for me than slimming world but were all different.  WW is a counting points system, and you get extra points per day for breastfeeding, the number depends if you are exclusively or mix feeding.  I actually used to be a leader!  I'll probably head back to WW once this baby is out!

  • I started dieting in Jan 2011, when Jacob was 6 months old, and lost nearly 3 stone by August of that year. I started counting calories using MyFitnessPal, and added extra calories for BFing (500 a day for exclusive BFing, and 300 once weaning is established). I started with walking regularly too, added Zumba once a week in April and then started Couch to 5k in May of that year as well. It was hard work but well worth it, and I'm trying very hard not to put on as much this pregnancy, although I'm fully prepared to start dieting again in about Feb of next year!

    And please try not to worry about other people being back to pre baby size - we're all different and it takes time to adjust to the life changes after having a baby, as well as the body changes. Be kind to yourself and remember that a lot of other people are lieing!

  • I've been lucky with my baby weight and it came off quickly but I think that was due to the stress of b being in hospital. I've used the myfitnesspal app before as a calorie counter to help maintain weight for when I got married, but can also be used for weight loss

  • Obviously ive had no baby but i've been doing weight watchers since January, with a couple of setbacks which have been my fault, i've managed to loose 20lbs so far and i'm very proud of myself! x

  • I can inspire you with my weight gain if you like ROTFL Its impressive to say the least.

    Ok seriously, i lost 2 stone for our wedding and did it by walking for 40 minutes a day, eating smaller portions and loading up on more vegetables rather than fruit as it has less sugars in them (albeit natural ones).  I need to take heed of my own advise as i am down to one pair of jeans that actually fit.  Anyone would think it was me who carried the baby with my wobbly tum.

  • Again no baby weight but I used to weigh over 14stone size 16. Followed slimming world and lost four stone in about eight months. Went a bit too thin to be honest so enjoyed putting a bit back on! Need to get back on it now as have been eating what I want recently. I think if you are breast feeding you have extra healthy extras and maybe extra syns but I may be wrong. Don't put pressure on yourself though - you have just had a baby! X

  • I did Slimming World before the wedding and it really suited me. I plan on going back to it when I want to lose the baby weight. I didn't go to classes, or record what I ate, but I just borrowed the books from my sister and followed the plan at home. H lost 2 stone and I lost a stone (I wasn't huge to begin with). It takes a while to get used to the principles, but once you know the basics, it's easy to follow. The only downside is that it doesn't teach you about good portion control (e.g. you can eat a massive plate of pasta and it's all free).

    When following the Extra Easy plan, you're allowed one Healthy A choice (dairy/calcium) and one Healthy B choice (fibre). I understand that when you're breastfeeding, you're allowed an extra Healthy B. I loved the following website which is written by a British mum living out in Canada, where they don't have SW classes, so she follows it herself. You'd have to look back through the recipes, but she was breastfeeding at one point and her food diary reflects that.

  • Suzie- That's fabulous! You should be proud.

    I did WW after having E. I actually put on weight AFTER she was born in July! In September I saw a photo of H and I at a black tie do and though OMG I'm fat. Plus, H proposed that month and we were to marry 6 months later. WW was fab, worked so well for me. I did it with 4 friends who had also had babies and that really kept me motivated. I lost 3 stone over that 6 month period and was happy with that.

    This time, I'm really slacking as I have good weeks then bad ones. It doesn't help that we are forever entertaining people that my husband is trying to poach for work! I walk everywhere (possible), I do a fitness DVD 3x a week, I've kept portions smaller and tried to snack less (currently though I am eating a cream egg Laugh). If I need to snack, I go for carrots/celery/cucumber sticks and humous as I love that sort of thing. I'm using MyFitnessPal to keep me on track.  I also now have some motivation- holiday with friends at the end of APril and best friends wedding in June so I need to shift 8kg!!

  • I lost 4 stone on ww prior to having J, lost 2 doing the same after J and have started again this week - only 11 months to get skinny for Nixxy's wedding!

  • I did slimming world when J was about 3 months old. I gained 3 1/2 stone whilst pregnant, lost the first 2 1/2 through baby/water/having a newborn and not being able to out him down to get to the fridge, then the weight loss stalled so I went back to slimming world, which I'd done before pregnancy. You get a varying amount of healthy extras depending on the age of the baby, and whether you're exclusively breast feeding or have started to wean. At the max I was getting 6 hexes a day. :-) I lost the last stone in about 8 weeks. (Though have now put 1/2 stone back on, so need to get back on it.)

  • I've lost just short of 3 stone since September. I did Dukan for 3 weeks then have done really low gi (like slimming world) I rarely eat bread now only have pasta/rice once or twice a week, and iv been doing the 30 day shred too. Iv got 10lb to loose which I'm finding hard now

  • WW.

    P is 13 weeks old and I've lost over 2 stone since she was born. I get extra points because I'm BF.

    Have only ever lost weight with WW in the past. I swear by it!

  • I use My Fitness Pal as well and lost 2st after having O. Join in on the weight loss threads over on OT as they are a great source of support.

  • I've lost nearly 3 stone in just under 12 months following WW. The only exercise I did though was walking to and from baby groups with the buggy and taking F swimming (does that count?)

    The first 2 stone came off pretty quickly which I guess is because it was baby weight but this last stone has been a bit harder.

    Definitely worth it all though as I feel heaps better about myself and have had a good excuse to buy a load of new clothes!

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