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Do you make your own? This weekend I've made blackberry&elderberry jam, apple jam&apple chutney. Also made a bottle of sloe gin&then saw more sloes on my run this morning so ill be picking those & hopefully have a second bottle on the go. Think rhubarb & ginger jam next. What do you make?  


  • This year I made chutneys because I was given loads of cooking apples, I've also made blackberry vodka and sloe gin which I am looking forward to cracking open at Christmas

  • I don't, but would like to.

    Skittles vodka is my limit

  • I've started a little business making jams, chutneys and jellies and selling at the local country market. I've got a couple of great books so will just turn my hand to anything depending on what's about. Recent makes are Rosemary Jelly, Apple & mint jelly, elderberry and port jelly and lemon and ginger marmalade. I'm also making lemon curd every week;  can't keep up with it!

  • Ha ha! Knew that would be your response belle!

    I made blackberry vodka last year PB, for my brothers as part of their Christmas present. It went down very well. Always meant to do skittles vodka AK, but not got round to it.

    Where do you get your fruit from Sange!? Do you make a profit? I forage most of mine so it only the cost of sugar really, plus spices& bits I have anyhow. Not sure I could make enough to have a stall. Lemon& ginger marmalade sounds yummy

  • I love cooking new things, I don't do it enough,  might have a go at a chutney. Maybe I could make a low fat one with canderel instead of sugar haha

  • We normally have a glut of raspberries so make loads of raspberry jam but they didn't grow this year so haven't made any but last year and eyar before did raspberry vodka as well because we had so many... and froze some! I love onion marmalade and chili jam and shall be making some of them when bell peppers are on special!

  • Now I want some croissants...

  • I've made sloe gin and mandarincello before, both very easy to do and absolutely lush!  

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