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Shredders?? 30 days conpleted, still going until Xmas?

Anyone still shredding? I'm still going although not posted on here everyday. I'm amazed at my results. I took a photo at the start and did one today, it's really unbelievable to see how you can go from mummy tummy to toned in just a month!

Im sticking at it ladies until Xmas and will do something new in the new year, who's with me?


  • Not done it tonight but still going strong too, am actually not finding it a bother to do it at all!  I am definitely doing it until Christmas and probably long after. I am not stopping it until I can do a good fortnight of dieting alongside it which I think will probably be January now....

  • Yay AlsiT keep going! Fab. I will still have a shredding buddy. I'm actually enjoying it (did I just say that?!)

  • Haha yes I am too in a weird way although I have eased off now and am probably going to just do it 4 days a week from now on. We can put a shout out every so often to check that we are both still alive!  I wonder if monkeychops and wenchelda are still going too.....

  • I'm still going!  Day 25, I've slowed down a bit as life has just been a bit hectic, but I figure as long as I fit it in as much as possible till Xmas, I can pick up the pace again in Jan.  Plan to try and diet a bit too next month.  I'm alternating between Level 2 and 3 for a bit of variety, but am pleased that I've dropped a jean size!  Anyone ready to post inch loss yet?

    Well done both of you for doing so well!

  • Well done MC you're doing great.  Fantastic dropping a jean size! I bet you're really pleased. I need to hunt my tape measure down and I might dare to post my pics.  I think I'm going to alternate with level 2 and 3 too and will do I all week but have weekends off.  

    Ladies we have done so well sticking at it, keep up the good work x

  • Yay good to see you are still going too monkeychops!!  I will need to search out the thread on hitched for my measurements but I will leave it til next Sunday I think as I really am going to avoid eating crap in the week ahead.

    Well done to us Cheers

  • Hi ladies! Well done for still keeping at it! I'm still going too but only on day 19! Yes rubbish I know but hoping to catch up as not been able to go to boot camp because of the rubbish weather. I'm going for a big push for Christmas so fingers crossed I'll manage it.

    Keep at it girls! Sounds like the results are worth it so you are keeping me inspired to complete my challenge!!

  • Day 19 is not to be sniffed at trayloub good work!

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