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Mums of boys....stand up wees

C has decided he wants to do wees like Daddy. This is fine by us as MIL has such an ill fitting loo seat that when ever he sits on the loo to do a wee he wees between the loo seat and the actual toilet pan where there is about an inch gap. DONT ASK!!

So he is doing really well, pointing his will down where he should etc, but I so wasn't expecting this so early on. Did your LO's want to  copy Daddy??

I was mortified today though when he asked to use a shops toilet. I was surprised they let him, but when he came out he told the poor girl behind the counter that he did a stand up wee like Daddy and he pointed his willy like this <cue him demonstrating how he points his willy>Embarrassed


  • I think my son was about 3. It was when he moved from the toddler room to the pre school room and saw the other boys doing stand up wees. What I'm finding difficult at the moment is my daughter, 2.5, wanting to do stand up wees 'or squirting' as she calls it!

  • Probably about 6 months or so ago so 3 1/2 ish. Taken that long to get him to actually aim properly though!

  • Squirting...that is so funny lol xxxx

    C wanted to know why he couldn't do a stand up poo!!!

  • N was 3 and he was the leader at school, all the other boys wanted to do it like him! He doesn't always do it now, he often sits but it's good when they master it as if you ever get caught short when out they can find a tree Laugh

  • L has done stand up wees from the beginning. It never occurred to me to sit him down when toilet training! So he has been standing to wee since he came out of nappies at 26-27 months

  • A went straight to stand up wees an wouldn't tolerate sitting down, nor did he ever use a potty.  Beause he's so used to seeing me and his sister wee he likes to give his willy a little wipe with paper afterwardsLaugh.  H keeps trying to teach him to be more manly and give it a little shake but he's having none of it!!

  • C was about 3 when he started doing stand up wees. J is 22 months and does "wee wee like Casey" in his potty. Goes everywhere.

    My SS is 5.5 yrs, and still sits down to wee.

    On the topic of copying Daddy. My H has his PA pierced. When J saw it, when watching him pee, he got one of my earrings, and tried to put it on the end of his willy.

  • Aaron still sits down!

  • My son is 4.5 and still sits down too! Even though his elder brother stands up. Ah well, no rush I guess. Must be nice to have the option!

  • I has just gone 3, he did go through a phase of standing up but he can't quite reach our toilet stood up so he went back to sitting.

  • B is 6 and has only just started standing everytime.  It was a battle!

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