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My breastfeeding journey is over - as National Breast Feeding week commences!

So I've had my 1st 24 hours without breastfeeding. It seems that even though Isobelle isn't a huge fan of drinking cows milk she is rather partial to soya milk. It seems strange that I've finally achieved this on national breast feeding week & the day before she turns 18 months. Hope the small amount of leaking will pass very soon.


  • Well done you and glad it's been the right decision for you both. Hope the leaking stops soon x

  • It feels right to me, Isobelle may still need some convincing & has taken to putting her hand down my top & holding onto a nipple! Hopefully this will pass soon!!

  • You've done a fabulous job BK, well done you!

  • Well done BK! I hope that I make it as long as you have the next time around! :-)

  • 18 months is brilliant! I'm sure the leaking will stop soon!!

  • Actually it's only been a small amount of leaking, was expecting a lot more. She also seems to have gone down ok tonight so it's now 36 hours! Thanks ladies. I have been incredibly lucky to have a smooth journey of it. I really hope I can do the same for a hopefully subsequent baby (1 of the reasons I'm stopping now actually!)

  • 18 months is fantastic, well done x

  • A fantastic achievement, well done you!

  • Thanks, looks like I spoke to soon. She's gonna fight over giving up these evening feeds. Oh well, it probably didn't help that it was me putting her to bed as it's normally my hubby that does it. I knew this wasn't going to be easy but I really thought we'd cracked it. I'll try again tomorrow

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