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Reflux ish related...dr wwyd

Ok so I went to the dr today about Oliver's reflux. Also hoping to get a couple of bits on prescription. 

He is currently on Ranitidine, Gaviscon and since being on lactose free milk he is more settled and not constipated.

 Dr gave me a script for the reflux drugs, but was unwilling regarding the lactose free milk. Not because of cost but because he cant see how LF would help a baby with constipation and reflux. He said a lactose intolerant baby would have diarrhoea rather than being constipated, and I shouldn't be using it without having evidence that O is lactose intolerant from medical testing.

i asked him why it was then that as soon as we changed to lf milk he started going three times a day as opposed to once every 4-5 days and he said it baffled him. He said that he wants me to go back to comfort milk as there is no reason to be on lf.

WWYD. Do I just carry on regardless with the LF milk as he is settled, or go with the dr's advice, and when it goes *** up return to him. I better make the appointment now otherwise O will be 15 before we can get an appointment!!!


  • Personally I'd do what is working for you, so is keep going with the LF milk and try and get a different drs opinion.

  • I'd carry on if it's working and try and see a different GP

  • I'm getting so pissed off with the lack of consistency between hv's and dr's in my area. I am sat here literally not knowing what to feed my kid next!!

    The dr asked me if I carry on with LF, when exactly do I plan on introducing lactose to his diet again. Long term he thinks its better to go back to comfort milk which is 40% lactose.

    I'm so fed up. He is the third dr I have seen....they have all thrown out the lf milk. None can examine why it's helped O.

  • I would follow you gut instinct and if the milk is helping then stick with it.  What has the HV said about it?

  • Sorry you are getting such confusing info, did he seem like he knew what he was talking about? Can he refer O for these tests he speaks of? Otherwise what he's said isn't very helpful!

  • Hv's have said they will raise the inconsistency between them and the GP's at their next meeting.

    I kind of feel that if I don't jump through the gp's hoops I won't be able to move forward and get them to act any further. At least if I do as he says and it doesn't work I can go back say I tried it and move on from there.

    Wish me luck....I've just made up a bottle of comfort milk!!

  • Personally i would try the aptimal colic and constipation.  I say this because I'm now weaning a lactose intolerant baby which really isn't easy to get started and so personally I wouldn't want to be labelling them as LF unless I absolutely had to.  It's also much easier to find out now while he's still on milk than if you get to weaning age and he's eating lots of other foods.

  • That sounds really blunt when I don't mean it to be. I know how absolutely shitty this is as we're into week 29 of battles. I know how awful and confusing it is and you really do have my sympathy.  

  • I was told that none of those tests he's referring to can de done until over the age of 1.  Miss CV had a problem with milk from very early days (cant remember if it was likely to be lactose intolerance or milk protein intolerance)...she was refluxy but the main visible symptom were the nappies (crazy diarrhea, in fairness to your dr from that aspect!).  I dont think my HV believed how bad / many there were until she asked me to keep a days worth and actually gagged when I showed her.  We went on to a specialised formula (not just a LF one) and everything cleared up immediately HOWEVER the HV stressed that we couldnt be sure what the issue was and that she'd be referred for tests once she turned one. So we used the special formula and on the HV's advice tried introducing dairy on weaning at 6 months. She showed an immediate reaction so we kept her completely dairy free until 1, when the HV referred her for the tests and also advised trying her again, first with dairy other than milk, then cow's milk. She was able to tolerate it all fine from then and never had to go for the tests in the end.

  • Maybe try him back on the milk for one day, this should be enough to show that the lactose is causing him problems. I changed Finn back from Nutramigen AA to Lipil for one day and his symptoms came back right away. Although it is hard to watch at least you will know for sure, I was starting to question whether his symptoms were caused by something else, hot weather causing a rash for example.

  • Did you start all the meds at the same time as the formula? Because unless you started them separately you can't really tell if one thing is working, or the combination without removing things. If you started them all separately I'd stick to your guns with the formula, if you started everything at once I'd try a couple of days on different formula and see what happens.

    Good luck xx

  • Argh another GP who doesn't seem to know what he's talking about regarding milk/ lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance can also cause constipation as a symptom as well as the other. I'd do what i had to and research the symptoms then go back fully informed and ask to be referred to a dietician. The usual plan with such intolerances is to re-introduce when they turn one as their systems are more ready to cope with it then, and this is what the hospital have advised us to do with S. I think you prob will need to try the other milk against just to make sure, as lactose intolerance can be temporary and as someone has already said, you don't want that label if they've not got it. From there you can return to the Dr and ask for testing etc. we had to put S back onto normal formula about 3 times before they would believe me and it was me that insisted on a referral. X

  • Also adding, putting back on formula for a day, keeping a diary may help your cause in getting it prescribed..

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