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Swim nappies

Need an idiots' guide please. If we are using cloth nappies with a PUL outer I'm guessing that's not the same?! We are going on holiday to Malaysia so we will need some. There is no washing machine so we will be using sposies, but could wash just the swim nappies if we get reusable ones. Help! TIA Thanks


  • I've seen people say they use a pocket without an insert.

  • Pockets can fill with water. Id buy a specific swim nappy as they are an excuse for a new nappy :-)

  • I like TB swim nappies (not tried them they just look pretty). We just use an asda disposable one with a happy nappy on top.

  • Tesco had finding nemo swimming nappies for £5. Not sure what they are like as I just use the disposable ones with a wet suit type costume on top.

  • I have a Bambino Mio swim nappy, they have them in Boots too which is handy! She wears that with a Happy Nappy over the top :) If we were just swimming in the sea or a river though I wouldn't worry about the double layer. Just that quite a few swimming pools insist on it.

  • Fab, CK I like your reasoning :)

  • Tots bots beachbum is fab for wee boys. Phoebe has ice cream one i posted on the cloth thread x

  • OK just bought one from Fill Your Pants! Woohoo!

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