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What can I do?

What can I do for my 8 month old? She's suffering with Hayfever, had streaming eyes and nose and is not a happy bunny :-( is there anything I can do to ease her symptoms? 


  • How about baby Piriton?

  • We were given a prescription for Piriton when E was 8 months old. You aren't supposed to administer to under 1 year old I think but the GP said it was fine for a short period. It really helped.

  • I had no idea you could get baby piriton! I have a telephone consultation with the Dr tomorrow will that be enough or will they need to see her?

  • Baby piriton would work. Drs might not prescribe to under ones though but you can buy OTC and use half the dose.

    Holland & Barrett had some little pots by their tills yesterday for hayfever. They said for babies and pregnant ladies. I assume it is like Vicks.

  • N has Piriton at four months for his eczema. It has to be prescribed but it's fine.

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