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What happens after 1...?

Isaac is approaching 9months, we blw and although he gives it all a go, he's not really eating much unless on a loaded spoon or toast... He's having 4 full milk feeds in the day but sleeps through now. I know we're still a way off 1year but its playing on my mind, the whole 'food for fun...' thing and switching to beakers, cows milk etc. I'm happy to take it all at his own pace but I'm also conscious of the changes and with our 9-12mpnth review with the hv looming, I have a feeling they'll have something to say. I suppose I'm just looking for reassurance, is there anything more I can do to encourage? When do I need to start thinking about beakers?



  • Don't worry, he'll get there.

    Evie is a few days off turning one. She has three bottles a day. I think she went down to three at about  10.5 months. We also blw and she took a while to get the hang of it.

    My plan is to switch to giving her formula in a cup with a spout in the next few days. I'll then try to give her snacks in the afternoon rather than a bottle, dropping it down to two beakers of milk, then I'll swap that for cows milk.

  • Fear not! I had the same worries at around 9 months, at 10 months he dropped his milk feeds most days, by 11 months he was down to just 2 per 24 hours, which he still has now at 23 months. He's never been a great eater, unless it's cake, but has always been top of the centiles so obviously gets his calories from somewhere.

  • I wouldn't worry about things too much. Isla was purée weaned but was having a lot of finger food by one. She would eat quite a lot and still had four 6oz bottles a day. She was sleeping through too. It got to 14 months and she still was dropping feeds herself so I cut out the mid morning and mid afternoon ones and replaced with snacks. As for a beaker Isla never took to drinking milk from one so she had a bottle till 14 months during the day. Now at 18 months she has a Bottle at 6am when she wakes up and another at 6.45 before bed. I figure as she's only having 2 a day a bottle doesn't hurt. She'll drink out of anything else for water. Open cup and straw is her favourite.

  • Thanks all! Just what I needed to hear. It's hard as other babies his age have dropped bottles and are eating loads, so its hard not to compare. I've not weighed him for a while but he's always been a big boy and I'm not worried. I'll continue as we are for now.

  • Hi McS! We're pretty much in the same boat, E loves food but messes with it and throws it down to the dog mostly. He has always been on 90th centile and has dropped to 4 8oz bottles over last few weeks, but still definitely wants milk. We had our review last week and the HV gave us a sippy cup thingy and said he 'should' be down to 2 bottles a day. He's not really mastering the beaker and ends up with most of it down him and I'm happy to continue giving him as much milk as he wants and let him drop it down naturally, as like you say 'food is for fun....' etc.

    As it is I think he's now mid growth spurt(?) as the past 2 nights he's woken and only a feed will re-settle him (v v unusual for him as he's never fed at night!) but last week I was told not to ever feed at night! He was hungry though and settled as soon as he'd fed! I've always been baby led so am just going to carry on as we are xx

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