I have a two weeks old baby who only will settle on my arms. Every time I try to put her in the moisses basket she wakes and start crying. At night she will only settle if I put her in bed with me. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get her used to to the basket or any other pace for her to sleep that is not my arms please? Thank you


  • have u tried swaddling her, i had the same problem with both of mine, and i found swaddling really helped.

    I also found putting my daughter into a cot helped her settle abit better, she would never settle in her moses basket at night, so after a while i tried her in a cot and she settled more

    hope it helps hun


  • Hi Lou24,

     Thank you very much for the advice, done it and my baby is fast sleep in the moses at the moment. It seems swaddling has worked. At least a bit of time to have something to eat without having her in my arms, which it can be very nice but to have some free time is lovely too.

     Thank you again

  • i swaddled dd but as she got older she liked her arms free so we got one of the sleep positioners, (two tubes attached by strip of cloth you lay the baby on and the tubes 'hug;' them) works like a dream,

    glad somethings worked for you xxx

  • It didn't last very long, she woke up after a while (20 minutes). I think she may have been very hot. Any other advice I can try? Thank you 
  • heres a link to the positioner i mentioned above, works really well for my little one

    when i swaddled my son (july baby) i stripped him down to a nappy and used a thin cotton sheet to keep him cool xx

  • Swaddling will help settle your baby.If it's hot,like Laura said,you have to put less clothes on.I just feed my baby in his sheet and put him down.You don't have to wrap them really tight,just enough to feel secure.My son's 12 weeks and he still likes to be wrapped.In this weather it's just a sheet and I don't wrap him tight.He also has a raggy,a muslin cloth which he now holds.I used to just put it near enough for him  to feel/smell.It picks up your scent(sorry we are only human animals)and that's familiar to baby.

    2 weeks old is very young and they don't settle for long.It does get better,look at Laura's sleeping babies,there's proof enough.

    Love those pictures Lauraimage

  • Yeah swaddling worked here too but not for long spells especially if your breastfeeding.  It does get better.  2 weeks is still very young and they aren't used to being seperate from us. 

    Another thing that worked with my two was recording my heartbeat so they could still hear that when i wasn't round or a strip of cloth or item of clothing I had been wearing that had my smell on it

  • thanks jo, its only taken lola 8mnths (lol) but were there now image
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