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Teething and fluids,help!

Hi everyone I would be really grateful for any advice!my daughter is 17 months and she has never really drank fluids for me other than milk and I have tried the plain water,little bit of dilute,orange etc to no joy.She has been eating less and less this past few days and cutting down on the milk also,she had about 10oz yday.This morning she seemed to have come around,but after about 4oz of her bottle she threw up!And won't even look at a bottle for me!She has only ate less than half a small orange,3/4 petit filous,a freeze pole mushed,a handful of baby crisps and a couple of raisins,and a couple of spoonfuls of diluted water but is refusing anymore,should I be worried just yet or am I worrying too much?any advice on what to give her also,thanks in advance!


  • She may not be feeling very well, my youngest is 20 months and has been all over the place with teething and flu, etc. 

    Give calpol/ibuprofen suitable for her age and alternate if she has fever or seems off to you.

    keep encouraging liquids and food if she seems interested but less important. As long as she is giving lots of wet nappies every day then dont worry- if she's not needing to be changed much then she could be at risk of dehydration so give 111 or out of hours a call for advice. 

    I know it's worrying but hopefully it won't last much longer! The main issue is fluids- maybe try getting some Diaoralite (spelling probably wrong) but its to help prevent dehydration and available at the pharmacy. You could also try ice lollies. Hope that helps X 

  • Thankyou for the reply,her nappies havent been very wet so I took her to the doctors and he gave her dioralyte but I'm struggling to get her to take it as she's refusing milk also and have tried spoon feeding it but she won't let anything near her mouth

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