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Let's talk hair...

Hello everyone,

MFM are puttng together a pregnancy hair feature and would love for you guys to help us out!

Did your hair drastically change during your pregnancy? Did it become dry, brittle or frizzy and greasy? 

Or maybe you experienced a fabulous change and you loved your new hair (thicker, full of volume, shiny)?

We'd love to hear your pregnancy hair experiences and how you dealt with them (or embraced them!)

Don't be shy and (h)air your niggles and stories on here image

Many thanks, 

Kyrsty @ MFM x


  • Ive always found in all my pregnancy's (3) that my hair has got greasy,i wished i experienced what some mothers do of having thicker fuller hair, but sadly i havent image
  • In my 1st pregnancy it was dry and frizzy,my 2nd greasy and lank! my hair is thick now and drives me mad
  • My hair looked rather amazing. It had that pregnancy glow right from the beginning. Pity the rest of me didn't manage to catch up!
  • Lovely and thick and easy to style BUT required alot of caring for and washing with alot of shampoo, it got greasy sooo fast and still does. Pregnancy changed my hair for life!
  • I always have long hair, and of course during my preganancy it was lovely and shiny all the time, really thick,I just love it,Whenever I loose my hair it will hit my back where it use to move either way when I walk lol!!!!!!!!!!, But I have cut it down now, cause I cant maintain the long hair, as need to run after my dd all the time..
  • my hair fell out loads in my first 2 pregnancy's had to get my partner to comb the back of my top every night as it would be covered in hair, found it everywhere lol but with my last pregnancy (twins) my hair was fine didn't fall out if anything it was fuller and softer. very weird.
  • i used to have thick, fuller and black hair. after my first baby, i had lost half of it! it become very thin! it is kind of good news, cos it is more easy to style.
  • My hair usually gets thicker,till 3 months after babies born and it comes out in brushfulls,every day.

    With my last pregnancy it got really greasy,right at the end.I tried so many shampoos,none of my usual ones were any good. 

  • My hair has always been thick and fairly glossy,after DS number 1 it went frizzy and limp....after DS 2 it went thinner and frizz bomb once again.....after DS number 3 it has stayed thick and glossy! I just now have no time to appreciate it and style it!!!!!

    It needs a trim urgently,but that's not likely for a while!!!!

  • I naturally have thick hair with a kink to it. Sometimes great and sometimes a bit dodgey looking. Each time I was pregnant it go bigger and thicker and really greasey roots. I got mine thinned out to the max both times so my head could breath.

    After, my hair fell out loads for few months with Mia and this time it is still coming out tons but 10 months on, no sign of it letting up. This would be awesome but it is still super bushy. I always wanted what I call Pedigree Chum hair, nice thin glossy coat so I was kind of hoping to get it at least while I was pregnant.

    I did grow my hair out more so I could tie it up and get air to my head and neck a bit.

  • My hair became thicker and more volumised! I loved it. Since giving birth (7months ago) my hair has started to fall out and my hair is no longer looking so healthy!!!!
  • My Hair  started to fall out at around the 6 week mark and then when really shiney and glossy but needed to wash it every day. after my son was born i had really bad hair loss for about 3 months leaving me very thin around the edges.
  • my hair stopped growing!!  it always looked really tidy, and it didnt need thinned out like it normally does when i went to the hairdressers.  it was probably the only time i liked my hair as it did what it was told,and saved me a fortune!  After all my kids were born though, within a week of them being born, it suddenly became very thick, and unmanageable.
  • With both my pregnancies my hair became thicker, shinier and far less greasy than normal.  It meant that I could wash it every 3 days as opposed to every day when I am not pregnant.  The one strange thing that did happen though was that it got a lot darker.  My hair was a mousey brown colour to begin with and now is dark brown.

     However no-one told me that your hair will fall out after pregnancy.  Three months after giving birth to my son (my eldest) my hair started to fall out in huge clumps and didn't start to grow back for months.  I had little bald patches and what looked like a receeding hairline.  Luckily my healthcare team at the hospital put my mind to rest that it was natural.  Now I have a 4 month old daughter and my hair is again falling out in huge clumps.  I don't mind too much but I do hate the stage where it is growing back in and is wispy and baby hair like!

  • While pregnant my hair was lovely. It was thick , glossy and seemed easier to style than ever before. It also lost some of the curl i had always had (which i used to hate when i was a kid).

    But since having my DD 7 months ago, my hair has changed completely! It's now thinner than it has ever been (i lose tonnes every shampoo), it's breaking half way up the hair so i have shorter patches, it's gone quite frizzy and i've found even more grey hairs. I ended up having blood tests because of the hair loss and breakage but they were normal!

    I always have it tied up now as DD loves nothing more than to grab handfuls, which actually pull out now
  • my hair was great before my pregnancy but during pregnancy it had a mind of its own, it never styled and was dry one day then greasy the next, since having the baby its fuller and glossy, but not the same... i can't enjoy it i only have time to tie it back and get on with the day lol
  • I didn't notice much of a change with my first pregnancy (or maybe I was too caught up in the novelty of everything), but with the second my skin & hair stopped being their normally greasy selves & were lovely - no spots, manageable hair that didn't have to be washed all the time.

    However, when my 2nd was 5 months old, my hair started falling out, and within a couple of months I was back to normal, except that I had loads of short, wispy 'baby hair' rond my hairline as new hairs had started to grow. It has taken another year for it to be long enough to integrate it back into my normal hair (and my hair's back to its normal greasy self), so overall everything reset in the end

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