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Are you having trouble posting or seeing posts? Please let us know!


We've had a few emails from people who are having trouble using our Chat forum from their mobile phone – either because the box where you type your reply has gone all small or other people's posts are being obscured by a blank box on top.

So we're starting this thread to see if it's affecting more than just a few people – and to help us work out what's going on, so we can fix it as soon as possible.

If you're having trouble seeing posts or posting replies, please do let us know, either by adding a reply to this thread or, if you can't post (REALLY hope that's not the case!), by mailing us at [email protected] and telling us all about it.

It would be really helpful please if, when you post or mail, you could tell us what kind of phone you are using (e.g. iPhone 5 or Samsung S7).

Thanks so much!



  • I have been having difficulty typing a response via my iphone. I have to keep clicking off and then restarting to either edit or complete my response.

  • I've been having issues replying on my iPad.  I type my message and it's there to read but the post your reply box doesn't illuminate and so then you can't post what you have written.  What I do write disappears and then I have to rewrite on my iPhone.

  • I had problems a few months ago on a Windows phone it even kicked me out and wouldn't let me sign back in so started a new one when I changed my phone to Android and haven't had aproblem since today that a white box like an empty add box kept appearing over the posts 

  • Thanks everyone - this is all really helpful.

    kyriex2: we know about this white box bug and we're so sorry - it's very annoying, isn't it? We're working on fixing that ASAP.

    Meandpickle: thanks for telling us about the problem when posting from an iPad. We didn't know about that one, so we'll investigate. So glad you alerted us!

    fludu: your issue sounds very frustrating. Can you tell us a bit more, please? So, is that when you're typing a reply, you suddenly find you can't type any more? 

  • I have the same problem as fludu, and I have an iphone6. 

    I will be typing a reply and everything will be working just fine, but then all of a sudden what I'm typing will not show up.

    I have to click 'done' and then click 'reply' again to be able to continue my reply. Sometimes I have to do this several times to finish one comment on a thread.

    The other issue is all of sudden ads have appeared and they cover half the page and make it very hard to read the posts. 

  • Hi Misskiwi, thanks so much for letting us know about this too.  Your extra info about having click 'done' is really helpful. We'll get on to investigating this as quickly as we can.

    Please do keep these posts coming, everyone – or mail us at [email protected] if you prefer. Every bit of info is really valuable!

  • Ive written oosts and then had it vanish when ive tried to add pics. Or once ive posted the post has just disaooeared. I use Chrome on Samsung Galaxy 6

  • Thanks for letting us know kimmikim, and we're sorry about that. And congratulations on your baby boy! 

  • Yes me :( so frequently that I've stopped posting as much! I'll be in the middle of a response and just suddenly run out of characters and try to delete some then can't physically type any furthe

  • Further...it happened just then I tried to delete a letter as my phone spelt further wrong and then it refused to let me add any further letters. I often have to copy my response so far then reload the page and paste it then try to complete it :(

  • Oh cripes emsypops, we're so sorry about this bug. Can you please tell us which smart phone you are using please? Also has this been happening for a while? 

  • Just a good old iPhone 4s at the mo.yes been happening for about 3 months now. I've been trying to reply to you on our march babies thread to say I've emaiIed my daughters details (eldest) re the toy award testers and it conked out so many times I gave up :(

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for bearing with us while we sort out the technical problems. We believe we have fixed one of the bugs now which might have prevented you replying to a thread. If you could please let us know if there's been any changes for you by replying on this thread (assuming you can!) or any further problems, we would really appreciate that. 

    Thank you!

  • Hi everyone, we've been told we will hopefully have that annoying big advert problem fixed by Monday, and fingers crossed all will be as it should. Please do bear with us, we're so sorry about the technical bugs.

  • I'm having difficulty commenting on a post (http://www.madeformums.com/baby/dropping-milk-feeds-from-7-9-months/11206.html) and its very frustrating. I'm on a Mac using Chrome as my browser. I also tried to update my profile and the website kicked me out!

  • Hi Naominome, we're sorry you can't post on that article about milk feeds - we have a big in the system and are working on fixing it, but it may take a while. Might we suggest you post a new thread on the forum with your questions/comments? If you need help doing that, please do just let us know - we're here to help! 

    Sorry the site booted you out when trying to update your profile - that's a new thing for us - can you tell us more detail about what happened please? 

  • Hi I have problems viewing posts on my iPhone 6 due to a box at the top of the screen that doesn't disappear, the box has the links to chat, getting pregnant, pregnancy and so on. X

  • Hi Emy0001, that doesn't sound right at all - are you able to please email us over some screengrabs of what you're seeing so can we can investigate? If you could send them to [email protected] we would really appreciate it. 

  • Just read emsypops issues, I used to have exactly the same issues on my I pad until I updated it and now don't have that problem. I do have one issues when using my iPad and that is when I put any punctuation it deletes the last letter I typed so have to go back and put the letter back on. X

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