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Hi ladies,

I'm not sure where to put this thread so I put it here.
I am Rachel and have a 15month old boy.
I am trying to make myself some new friends and my little boy some play friends too.
I am from Cambridge. If any other mummies live local and would like to chat feel free to message me.

Rachel x


  • Hi Rachel

    Have you joined your local neighbourhood ? If you have a community manager it should say in the top right hand corner, if so, she will be able to direct you to other mums. I am a bit too far away in Great Yarmouth, though would also love some people to meet up with.

    Take Care and hope you find some mummies

    Mandi xxx
    CM Great Yarmouth and Waveney
  • Hiya Rachel. I have a 15 month old girl. I live in luton so a fair way away but if you ever fancy a chat just message me.
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