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natural ways to bring on labour????

Hi im 39 weeks on wednesday and I just want to see my baby. I dont want to harm him in any way and was just wanting to know if anyone had any good tips that worked of bring on labour. Thanks Halley xx


  • hey hun as most people will say bubba will come when he's good and ready but some things that may help to kick start labour are a hot curry, fresh pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, goin for a long walk and even sex. have fun image

  • Thanks i am going to try all of them, i know he will come when he is ready but at least these will give me stuff to do till he dose image Halley x
  • Hey I agree with the above post with my son I tried everything mention above was drinking raspberry leaf tea from 38 weeks think it was 3 cups a day everyday (yuck) had every kind of curry and ate a whole pineapple and nothing worked! image he was ten days late lol!but they are all worth a try!everybody's different so u never know!in my case he definitely never appeared til he was good and ready!but on plus side when he did make an appearance he was definatly in a hurry lol labour was 48 mins from start to finish so maybe the raspberry leaf tea work for somethingimage good luck and keep us posted how u get on! Claire x
  • I tried raspberry tea and the walks - didnt work :0( i was induced boohoo! However a midwife told my friend to go for a long walk, eat a hot curry & "do what got you in that position in the first placeimage - she did with both and both the labour started naturally I understand sex is mean to work the best but a lot of people dont feel like it at that stage of pregnancy....
  • My son was overdue by 4 days,waiting was really getting to me! By the 3rd evening I got on all fours and did a bit of online retail therapy(much to my BF's amusement!).Next day I was in labour by lunchtime and little man was born by dinner time! Midwife said me being on all fours had helped encourage him into a good position to kick start labour image

  • Thanks for all the help im going to try them all and hope for the best.... i just cant wait to see my little boy
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