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Pregnant after 2 miscarriages and petrified!

Hi all,

I wondered if I could ask for any experiences or reassurance as I feel like I'm losing my mind! 

My other half and I have recently found out I'm pregnant for the third time. Although we are very happy about the news and want nothing more than to start a family I'm finding it very difficult to get excited about the fact I have a baby on the way. 

I'm constantly googling, at near tears when I feel cramping and then worrying still when my symptoms wear off and I feel nothing. What should the cramping feel like and should it come and go? Although I'm eating well, taking all the correct vitamins, making sure I stay relaxed at work/home and really trying to stay positive I'm absolutely petrified that after two previous miscarriages and no children as of yet, that I'm going to lose this one too. My first miscarriage was very early and never investigated and my second was looked into at around 6/7 weeks and no heartbeat was found. I was therefore told to expect a miscarriage which took another two weeks to happen. 

I can't speak to anyone about it as I'm wanting to stay very quiet until I know I have the all clear. So, any reassurance would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks x


  • I can't offer much advice but I'm sorry for your loss, just looking at statistics, you're wayyyyy more likely to stay pregnant after 2 miscarriages than have another one... try to stay busy and wait away from google... everyone's symptoms are so different for pregnancy and miscarriages so there's no way of knowing. Relax if u can and book an early scan for 7/8 weeks for reassurance... good luck

  • Thank you for your reassurance! 😊

  • Hi, just thought I'd share my experience... I had a miscarriage in January 2015 at roughly 10 weeks.. I then fell pregnant in March 2015, I started bleeding went for a scan and they could see the sack and yolk but they said it may be too early to see anything so booked another for Friday the 13 may 2015.. I had lost that baby too. I was devastated. In June on the 20th I was due to have an lumbar epidural due to prolapsed discs in my back.. They had to test me for pregnancy and it came back positive I just cried and thought my body hasn't got rid of all the previous pregnancy.. But itnwas true I was pregnant again.. I wasn't sure how to feel I thought it was going to be the same.. I finally reached 12 weeks and went to my dating scan and it showed that I fell pregnant 10 days after miscarrying! But I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and due next month! Everything happens for a reason! Good luck, try not to worry there is happiness at the end of everything bad! X

  • I meant I miscarried both in 2016, I keep thinking we've just come into 2016 not 17! Haha my bad! Baby brain! X

  • Ask your midwife for a early scan if not you can pay for one they cost around £50 I feel your anxiety as ive experienced 2 missed miscarages but I'm lucky enough to have 4 healthy chi and im currently 6 weeks 😮 I'm lucky as my midwife didn't hesitate to get me a early scan but I know from past experience you sometimes have to fight or pay xx

  • Hi moonriver 

    i just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel. After a healthy 1st pregnancy I went on to loose a baby and have 2 miscarriages. I found out I was pregnant again this time last year. I was terrified as I kept having bleeding in the early days and I worried about every ache, pain and twinge. I was very fortunate to have a counsellor available to me during my pregnancy and very understanding midwives. i also had lots of scans. Whilst all this definitely helped  me I didn't ever stop worrying until I held our baby in my arms.  I guess what I am trying to say is get all the support you can, request reassurance scans but don't beat yourself up for being worried - it is only natural after everything you have been through.

    I hope all goes well for you.


  • Thank you so much for your replies ladies! They really are helping me stay positive! Means a lot imageimage

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