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Worried I'm going to loose another

I'm 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. I had a miscarriage in July last year found out at 12 week scan it had died at 8 weeks, had spotted at around 5 weeks had early scan at 7 weeks n baby had heartbeat. Last week I had extreamly tender breasts, heartburn, felt sick some days and was extremely warm. Last few days my boobs have stopped hurting heartburns stopped my temprerure has gone down but I'm feeling more sick. Is this normal I'm seeing doctor later today I'm so worried. My partners just said not to worry but I just don't feel pregnant anymore  


  • Hope all is ok xx try not to worry which is easier said than done xx

  • Hya hun a miscarriage is the body's way of telling u that there's something wrong with that foetus xxx now what I will tell u is morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy so try and relax and enjoy it and not worry about what cud happen. Chances are u will continue to have a healthy pregnancy.  Remember not everyone experiences symptons and some come and go. It doesn't mean somethings wrong hun xxxx 

  • I had 2 miscarriages and fell pregnant very soon after the second, I had some symptoms but they soon went.. I didn't even feel pregnant then at 7/8 weeks I started morning sickness and that was my only symptom and its stuck with me the whole pregnancy, I'm now 33 weeks! Just because you don't feel pregnant doesnt mean anything bad will happen! Just try not to stress too much and just take it easy, good luck xx

  • It's the fact my boobs were really sensitive n nipples erect all the time about a week ago n now there just back to normal. I went to Drs n all he said was take another pregnancy test in 2 weeks if it's positive book in with midwife negative book in to see me again. I'm trying not to Worry but he didn't really ease my mind. Sickness has also eased of still feel sick slightly but as soon as I eat it goes 

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