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Clearblue positive, other brands negative?!


I am a little confused and so in need of some advice my AF is now 9 days late, i have done 4 clear blue easy all with a faint positive result... but first response, and asda brand coming back negative! 

I do have some pregnancy signs although trying not to get my hopes up!

What do you lot think?

Thank you!


  • Leave it a few days and test again. If the same thing is still happening make an appointment with your GP 

  • Hi chloe, do you have pictures of your faint positives.

    I also have had 4 very faint + on the same clear blue tests however mine were almost non existant at first and developed over time I also have had a few negatives on a First response and asda tesrs  so mine are possibly evap lines.  


  • Hello I don't have any pictures no but they appeared straight away which is the weird part!

    i have a FMU samoke to take into doctors today if that's negative they said they will do a blood test!! 


  • Ah let me know how you get on. X

  • I will do! Its just the waiting, sure I keep feeling little pinching marks in the bottom of my abdomen! Xxx

  • Ooh that's a good sign.I feel like I have all the symptoms too not sure if I'm imagining them x

  • Oh I am the sane, every little thing.. sometimes feel like my body wants it so much its just making them up!!!

    Let me know what happens with you! Xx

  • Good luck at the docs.

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