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19 month old to sleep in his cot!

I currently live at home so my son has have his cot in my room, he goes in his cot once hes asleep but once he wakes up in the cot he just screams and won't go back to sleep do I put him in my bed problem is my partner and I don't get any sleep as he is a very wriggly child! Im just wondering if anyone had any advice on keeping him in the cot without waking everyone in the house? Thank you in advance


  • At home with my parents*

  • I'd say try talking to your parents about having a few nights where you let him scream it feels rubbish but possibly the only way? I've had 4 little ladies and different things have worked for them first one I had to let cry as nothing else helped I've also done calming massage to help them sleep all night and had various toys/night lights ect I've seen these toys that make white noise and know when baby stirs so automatically turn back on not tried them but they have good reviews xx 

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