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Possible ectopic

Hi ladies I took a trip up to triage last night as I was having quite painful cramps. I sat there for a few hours waiting then when I was finally seen I described my symptoms. I had said I was getting cramps on and off throughout the day and they had eased after I was given paracetamol while I waited. Somehow though when the doctor came back she said she thinks I'm having an ectopic pregnancy even though I have no other symptoms, I should be roughly 6 weeks and have been refused a scan and the doc also asked if I was taking folic acid and when I agreed she told me I shouldn't be taking it until I'm 12 weeks.. does anyone think that she could be wrong and what's happening is normal? Thanks xxx


  • Hello, what sort of pains were you getting and have they lasted?? Also have you had you bloods done?? 

    so me and my partner found out we were pregnant on 27th april on our 2nd anniversary, unfortunately I also found out it could be an eptopic pregnancy a few seconds later and was rushed to the hospital... 

    after tests and monitoring I was aloud home but had to returned Saturday for a blood test! My HCG levels have doubled but they are still unsure if it could be eptopic as they saw nothing on my trans-virginal ultrasound... I have another scan booked in for Friday (tomorrow)but so worried it's an eptopic. 

    What sort of time would the be able to see a sac in my womb if this is a normal pregnancy? Also is it normal to be getting stomach cramps like period pains but a little more Painful??

    if anyone could help would be much appreciated. Im so worried!! 

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