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The Highs and Lows of being a twin mum

Hi to all mums out there. I am a new mum well sort of to twin boys who are currently 7 months old. Sometimes I struggle and sometimes I'm ok but thats the whole part of being a parent. I love my boys to pieces I really do but I hate the fact that their both tied to me, they always want picking up. I never know what to feed them I literally try everything. Just wish there was something or somewhere I could take them to keep them and myself entertained. I love spending time with them and taking them out when i go shopping to. And sometimes I will feel bad if I don't get them anything whilst im in town.


  • Hi twinmummy16,

    I have my Eldest who is 7, diagnosed with both ASD & GDD, I have my 5yr old & then I have my boy/girl twins who are 29wks. It can be both stressful & emmense fun having all 4 in tow on a day out but most of the time my elder 2 are in school so it is just me & the twins. I have joined 2 twins & multiples groups in my local area where I can attend regular meet ups with other parents of multiples & share the highs & lows of 'double trouble'.

    You may be able to find a group near you on Facebook or TAMBA may be able to find you a 'buddy' to meet with.

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