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Feeling so alone!

First time at chatting to someone/anyone. Iam not exactly a young mum! Iam almost 46. I have no friends who I can chat to! My not living together partner recently droke up with me after almost 16yrs! i have suffered from depression and extreme anxiety for many years and it has been extremely hard not just on me but my family. He has made a great career for himself and recently bought a brand new car! He also didnt really have any SO CALLED FRIENDS, until this year! He got a colleague  to start training up to what he does! Which is a HGV driver. Know they are inseparable! They go the movies together, play PS4 together and his friend and gone an bought a New car for himself also. Yesterday they went the pictures and then for a drive. I got a little, I suppose jealous,And he then starting going on saying ivhad enough of you, I don't care about your illness anymore, that he has a live and he doesn't want the same as me! Iam sooo heart broken and past myself with sadness! we have a daughter together, and he said he only comes down for her!  What Iam to do please I really need to chat to someone please!!!


  • Hi AMitch 

    it sounds like your feeling quite low and need to move your life on.  If your partner wants more you can't hold them back.  Some people just want different lifestyles.  You need to concentrate on you.  

    You have joined this site which is a good step, here you can chat and advise others which will feel great to be able to help.  Sites like this are great if you prefer to chat from the comfort of your own home.  

    Do you get help for your depression /anxiety? It might be your best first step.  Your doctor can medicate if needed but he can also find you a councillor which sounds like it would be very beneficial to your medical needs but also emotional needs, a councillor can really help you find ways to cope.  They may even have details of groups you can join to improve your confidence and to find enjoyment.  You may even find reward in getting yourself a part time job for yourself? 

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