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Sex after miscarriage

had a miscarriage 20th August (That's when the heavy flow of blood and clots, was light bleeding for about a week before), we had unprotected sex on the 30th August (didn't ejaculate in the vagina) and went to the doctors the day after and got perscribed the morning after pill Levonelle. Worried about the potential of getting pregnant and when the body ovulated/is ready to get pregNancy


  • Hi Hannah5643
    Coitus interruption which is also referred to as withdrawal or pulls out method sometimes works even though it requires great self-control and experience. It is good that you used this method given your exceptional circumstances. The method limits the chances of the sperm reaching the egg. Notice that each ejaculation releases about 400 million sperms. Unfortunately, not all these sperms are released at once. Meaning that this method is unreliable as some sperms that remain during the finish off could as well get into the vagina and lead to pregnancy. However, men who can detect when they are reaching the climax can use the method to minimize the risk of impregnating their women. But in some cases, there is always pre-ejaculation or pre-cum which refers to the sperm that remained in the urethra during the previous ejaculation, which can fertilize the egg. Having said all this, I think you did the right thing to resort to after pills to further reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. So, my dear, I recommend that you take a pregnancy test after two weeks to clear the air. I believe things will be alight and so you should not continue worrying.

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