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  • hi ya my son just learning to use the potty any tips for little one to make it fun as possible

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  • Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm Amanda Jenner potty training expert and i am here to answer any questions about potty training.

    Best wishes Amanda

  • Hi moonmamabunny,

    Making potty training fun is essential, i highly recommend making a reward chart or box with your little one using their favourite things/stickers, this will encourage them and make it fun. Also taking them to choose their potty is and little pants is also a good fun thing to do with them.


    Good luck Amanda x

  • Hi Dominik  Bobrowski  

    A member of our team will contact you shortly we apologise for the delay.


    Best Wishes Amanda.

  • Hi Amanda,

    My daughter is frightened of the toilet - she doesn't like the flushing sound it makes or the water in the bottom.

    While she's ok to use a potty every now and again, when we're out she won't use a toilet.

    Should I buy her a potty that looks more like a toilet? And is this a common problem?

  • Hi Amanda 

    My son is good with weeing into his potty but is terrible with poos. On two occasions he's hidden behind the settee to do a poo and then tells me afterwards. What's the best way to get him on to a potty when he's ready to do a poo?


  • Hi Amanda

    Can you help please? My daughter is 18 months and I'm keen to potty train her. My friends think this is too early - what do you think? 

  • Hi Louiseplusone 

    This is a very common problem, the flushing does often startle them. I always recommend whilst potty training that you take a potty with you when you are out and about, this way she is fimilar with her potty or invest in a travel potty there are plenty of good ones around.

    Good luck Amanda x


  • We're on our third attempt at this! We have a couple of good days at home, but then we go out and dd has an accident and so I put her back into pull-ups when we next go out and then she doesn't want to take them off. Should I give her a break of a week and then start again? And is it the wrong thing to be putting her back in nappies - I'm just so nervous that she's going to wet herself in public


  • Hi Grace2,

    This is also a very common challenge whilst potty training, little one's  like to do their poo in private and behind the sofa is the normal place at the begining. I would try and follow his routine of when he does his daily poo and encourage him with a special reward when he does it on the potty, i would sit him on the potty and maybe leave the room watching him will only put him off.

    Good Luck Amanda x


  • My daughter sporadically uses her toilet training seat and/or potty but it's more of a game that she's picked up from older kids at nursery. She is now 21 months and tells me when she has done a wee wee or bumbum (not sure where she's got that from) and has started to pull her nappy off at any opportunity.

    Am i being vruel by not formally training her now as she does seem ready


  • Hi Nattie N,

    This is something you can only judge yourself, if your daughter is showing signs ie pulling on her nappy, stopping in her tracks when she is doing a wee/poo then i would say start, 18 months is a good age to start and as long as she can understand your commands and showing any of the above then go for it!!

    Good Luck Amanda x


  • My daughter is 21 months, sporadically uses her toilet trainer seat and/or potty but it's more of a game. She tells me when she's done a "weewee" or a "bumbum" - but it's usually post the event but she likes to sit there and wipe herself. I've encouraged the actions itself but I'm not sure how to try and help her timing wise - poos are generally easier to spot but she has no specific pattern that I have read about. It's almost more of a game to her. She is also pulling off her nappy at any this common?

  • sorry for posting twice, i didnt think it worked x

  • Hi May73,

    Firstly potty training when you are out can be difficult as parent's do get very concerned about accidents whilst out this is normal. I would highly recommend you always make sure your little one has a potty with you everywhere this is so important and make sure they are aware of this too. Pull ups are great whilst potty training so don't use this term as a nappy but pants, and encourage your little one with out and about rewards and keep asking if she need's the potty as being out will distract her. I would keep going and try to relax everyone has to potty train.

    Good luck Amanda x

  • Hi mamamoomin,

    I would say she is totally ready for potty training and you have a very clever little girl, i feel you need to turn this into a routine training excercise now and start sitting her on the potty at regular intervals, also encourage her with a reward chart this always helps but keep on asking her does she need a wee or poo. Also i do recommend a potty training book always helps try reading it to her at bedtime for a few days this will encourage her also.


    Goo Luck Amanda x

  • Thank you all for your questions and good luck


    Amanda x

  • thanks amanda x

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