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i live in on quite a small down with local preschool, my child currently attends a preschool a little further away, but it is fantastic, they go on days out to zoo’s, farms, have people come to do cooking and learn about animals ect, very large outdoor playing area, 

A lot of people have been suggesting I should split his time and send him to the local pre school so he gets to know children he will go to school with, which currently he will know no one, the preschool in our town, in my eyes just isn’t as good as where my son goes to now, small premisis, not a lot of going out only within walking distants, the only good think is local children go there that my son will go to school with, 

i just don’t want to take the fun away from him as when he goes to school there won’t be cooking and going on days out so I feel he should have as much fun now before he attends school

 my question is has anyone send there children to school no knowing another child locally and has it had any affect on them ie hard making frienda or shy ect 


  • I did this with my first child. Basically, my daughter attended an excellent all day private nursery, which we needed as hubby and i both worked full time. 

    She started reception at school and didnt know one single child. Sure there were loads of kids who attended the schools nursery, so they did have relationships already built, but my daughter, now in Year 4 made firm friends ,and she didn't suffer as a result. 

    There are always going to be new kids in reception classes, and i think if your son loves nursery at the moment (and it sounds like a fabulous one!) don't worry too much.

    What you could think about is starting him at the schools nursery, maybe just one term before he is due to start there anyway? If you're that worried? But honestly, i wouldn't worry - he'll find his way. 

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