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Controlled crying where to draw the line

My Lb is 8 months old from about 5 months he has self soothed and slept through but in the last couple of weeks it has all gone to pot. He cries as soon as he is put down and usually ends up being rocked till he is near enough asleep. I am trying controlled crying to get him back on track but at the moment he will easily cry for 20 min and still no sleep where do you draw the line and try something else? 


  • Just curious what did you end up doing?

    I have same situation. Self settled from 3 months to 6 months. Now cries as soon as put down and he's 8 months. Its not separation anxiety as still screams when im in room. Tried cc for 40 mins - no sign of settling so ended up cuddling.

  • I went through this phase when my baby was ill, just wouldnt self settle even after he got better. It took some nights but hes now back to where he used to be.

    i guess for me it was distinguishing what was a “moan” n what was a genuine cry. we bath, change and feed him before bed so we know hes not hungry. 

    At first i would put him down n wait 10min before goin into sush. Then left for 15mins Each time therafter. i wouldnt pick him up, but would put my hand on his chest, and even hold his hands so he knew i was there.

    took approx a week but hes back to sleeping through. 

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