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Hi there um I don't know where to start really I'm new here and I just wanted someone to talk to that isn't family if that makes sense? The support I've received from my family has been amazing and I'm very lucky to have them but they don't know what I'm going through no one I know has had an ectopic. 

So it all started on the 7th June I came on my period as normal and had awful cramps so bad painkillers wouldn't help and all I could do was sit down or lean over the toilet waiting to throw up. As the days past the pain was on and off still putting it down to cramps I ignored it and got on with my days...until that is the 18th June I collapsed in my bathroom felt very sick and dizzy I knew I needed medical help but had my daughter (6) at home on my own with her in put her to bed and I got an early night. 19th June Thursday morning I rang my gp and they saw me that morning. 

I explained to the dr my stomach was all swollen my groin area killed and I've been on a 2wk period I said I'm having really bad period pains or I have a bladder infection. The dr wasn't convinced of my diagnosis and she made me do a pregnancy test there and then I was sick with worry cus no way I was preg with this amount of pain and blood loss. Then two clear lines came up on the test she looked at me very worried and said ' your pregnant or you were' She booked me into the hospital on the early pregnancy unit for that afternoon with suspected miscarriage. On the way I collapsed again and had servere pain going from the bottom of my back to the back of my neck. The taxi arrived to pick me and my partner up when at the hospital I had a vaginal scan which was very painful due to the swelling of my stomach the scan picked nothing up cus of a mass of fluid ( I would later find out that this was internal bleeding) I was then taken into an examination room were I had some internal examinations and blood test the nurse felt around my stomach and that's when I was told I was In critical condition I was having an ectopic pregnancy and need surgery as it sounds though my tube had burst. I had the keyhole surgery and they removed the pregnancy and my left tube. When I came round I was told the pregnancy was very big and I was about 6-7 wks a few more hours or days and I may of not survived. All this seems like a bad dream I was in shock for the first week I couldn't get my head around being told I was pregnant, you've had a miscarriage to your having an ectopic, your going into theatre, we'll have to remove your tube and you could have died all in one day. Now today I feel confused, angry a failure my heads all over the place I don't know if I'll be able to conceive again the thought terrifies me right now though. I can't stop crying and trying to keep everything from my 6 yr old too. Psychically I'm healing well but the emotional side is so much worse. Is there a light at the end? Will things get better? By the way I had no risk factors it just happened which makes it harder to understand. imageimage


  • Hi Mum2One08 and welcome to MFM.

    Gosh, your story is so shocking. What an awful experience for you. I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    I hope someone will come along in a minute who'a also had an ectopic and who can offer you advice and support from the point of view of someone who's been there too. 

    In the meantime, I know there are some great organisations that offer fab miscarriage support. I'll dig out the details and post them up in a bit. 

  • Hi again Mum2one08.

    Here are those details I promised you: the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (which has a helpline but I'm afraid I'm not sure if it operates at weekends) and the Miscarriage Assocation (which also has a helpline that's open Mon to Fri, 9 to 4).

    Wishing you much strength.

    Do post again and let us know how you're getting on.

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