here have some sunshine ......

this is what i do. i thought id show you all the myspace i made for my students art work. i work at a college for young adults in their teens who have varying degrees of disability such as autism, downs syndrome etc. seeing as its such a dull day i thought looking at the van gogh inspired sunflowers and the large bottomed ladies inspired by henri matisse might make some of you smile.
let me know what you think and if you've got a myspace add us.


thanks Ruth x image


  • Hi Ruth,

    Just had a look - it's great, much better than looking out of the window! Your link didn't quite work, you have a comma instead of a full stop in front of com.

    Thanks very much, Denise x
  • oops sorry people its
  • they are brill mate but you could've warned me bout the take that track lol it always makes me cry!!!!
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