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Keep waking up on my back

Hi Ladies,

I've never slept on my back, always slept on my side but in the last 2 weeks I keep waking up on my back! I know you're not supposed to, but I can't seem to stop it!

I'm 28 weeks - would I wake myself up of it's a major problem?


  • me 2 but i didnt realise we arent supposed to sleep on our backs! oops! why is this??

    Mrs L
  • I do too hun. I have started placing a pillow on either side of myself during the night so I dont roll right over but almost go half way... its quite comfy image

    Its all about blocking blood returning to ur heart which can make u feel funny but its more of a 'try not to' thing xxx
  • thanks rosemary im clueless still lol!! ive fallen asleep a couple of time on teh sofa on my back and woke up feeling really sick i wonder has this got anything to do with it?? doesnt seem to happen in bed though maybe because we have a foam mattress?? not sure!!
  • I would say if you're comfortable on your back it really isn't a problem until 32/33ish weeks, when it will affect the babies position (as it would make the baby more likely to be lying with its back to yours because of gravity, which isn't a good position for birth).

    I am 38 weeks and can still lie on my back - although I don't for the above reason! - and it's really not uncomfortable. There's a major vein, the inferior vena cava, that runs down your spine and some pregnant ladies find that when they lie on their back it puts pressure on the vein, making them feel very sick and dizzy, but if there was pressure being put on it you would know as it's a pretty instant feeling from what I gather.

    Anyway, the long and short of it is that it's not really a problem so I'd just enjoy sleeping on your back while you still can, if it's comfy! xx
  • New Mrs L my midwofe said that it isn't a problem sleeping on your back until 24 weeks for the problem of blocking the blood flow.

    I have the same problem in trying to stay on my side, sleeping on your left is meant to be much better for mum and baby too.

    B xx
  • Thanks Boofle will have to start training myself to sleep on my side all night it just gets uncomfortable!!
  • I think if it was a problem with your circulation your body would cramp ie. legs etc. that would wake you up. I wouldn't worry about it, it's more important that you get a good nights sleep xxx
  • MrsKP is right. The weight of the baby pushes onto the vena cava reducing the blood flow back to the heart and therefore from the heart to the brain.

    It makes you feel sick and light headed; just like you would feel when you were about to faint. With me happens within a few minutes and if i roll onto my back in the night i'll wake up because of it.

    So i would say just sleep in the position in which you feel most comfortable and if your body doesnt like it, it will let you know! x
  • totally agree with mrs kp. im better on my back at the mo.

    sian 31 weeks
  • Thanks ladies, I definitely do not feel faint laying on my back yet, but will try and wedge myself with my dream geenii x
  • I have the same problem but was told that as long as you are not completely flat is is not a huge problem, just to have a few pillows so you are propped up if you do wake up on your back xx
  • I'm still comfy on my back to but try not to sleep on it - my dream geanii seems to help if I squeeze it around myself really tight! Can't wait to sleep on my tummy again when the baby's out!!
    Wisher 33+2.x
  • I have a dreamgenii pillow and I found I had to put some folded up towels into that bit that goes behind your back to bulk it up as I found the gap was too wide and I'd end up on my back anyway. It has only been since about 36 weeks that I've stopped rolling onto my back as I think i'm too big to be able to roll over in my sleep. x
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