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Peeing during early pregnancy: how often are you going during the day and at night?

We know peeing a lot in early pregnancy is definitely a pregnancy symptom, but we wondered just how much is a lot? Please come and tell us how many times you reckon you’re going to the loo during the day and at night, and please tell us how many weeks you are too. Then we can compare, how much a lot really is! 

Do let us know by posting below, and here’s a lovely picture that might make you cross your legs! 



  • I tend to be peeing more in the evening not much more in the day but do wake up desperate after sleepingall night xx

  • I'm not necessarily peeing too much more. Maybe 3-4 times a day and once at night. I used to pee twice a day and be able to hold it all night. Now when I have to pee at night, it hurts way too much to hold it.

  • I'm not peeing anymore than I was before but I'm sure that will change the bigger the baby gets

  • I can’t stop peeing, literally, I’m up 2 or 3 times in the night everynight, I’ve not had a full nights sleep in weeks, I’m also peeing a lot through the day too but I think it’s becasuse I’m drinking way more water than I was before 

  • I'm peeing at least 3-4 times every night not getting a decent sleep for about a week now. it surely can't get worse than 3-4 times a night... I'll be sleeping on the toilet !

  • How many weeks pregnant are you ladies? 

  • 6+4 x 

  • I have a few health conditions that weaken my bladder anyway so I'm always up for toilet once a night before I fell pregnant anyway. hopefully no more than 4 times 🤗

  • I’m 17 + 2

  • I’m 30+2 and peeing all the time!! Some days more than others, and it depends on how my boy is laying. If he’s on my bladder, I’ll get the sensation where I’m about to pee myself and then go and it’s just a trickle! I’d say aversus times in a day and 3 times at night. You’ve all got this to look forward too! but so worth it 😇

  • Hi I'm 5 weeks 4 days and I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I have been feeling extremely tired and drinking water can help with tiredness so to be specific I've drank 2 litres of water today.  1.5 during work hours. 

    I wake up needing to pee at 5 am but find myself so tired I hold out to 7am (really bad I know) then I pee again before leaving the house at 8 or 9am. 

    So today I peed twice before work, 6 times at work (8.5 hour day) and 3 times before bed. 

    If I didn't drink as much this would be reduced to around 7 times but then id be shattered and couldn't stay awake at work. 

    Hope this helps! X

  • I’m 13+5 weeks pregnant with identical twins and going all the time!

    Ive been drinking a lot more during this pregnancy which could explain the day time trips, but at night, I’m waking up at least 5 times to go! So annoying.

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