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Question for all you Catholics

Hi girls

This is a random kind of post.....

Some of may or may not know but I have been attending classes to become Catholic, been doing it for month and love it and will be Baptized at Easter.

My question is really for people who may have become Catholic as an adult but did you find it hard to pray? Or bring god or your faith into every day life.

I ask this because not one single person in my family is religions and I was brought up that way to. I have looked at different faiths and I know becoming Catholic is for me but still I still find it hard to bring faith into my daily life or when i do pray and this is not all the time, I feel silly.

I know there is no right or wrong way to pray but i always feel like i should be saying it differently you know or wording it different. I have prayed on the way home from work but then feel does that count do i need to be in a church or have a lit candle in front of me? I do actually feel different if I pray with a candle lit for some reason.

K xx

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  • i also had started my bible classes to get confirmed at easter but have stopped them due to the baby being due so close to the time and not being able to dedicate 100% to the classes and the church. i am hoping to get confirmed into the church at the same time as having the children christened later in the year or early next year.

    i pray when i need to i dont find i need to speak to god everyday and i dont think its is nessacary to pray everyday just when u feel the need to speak to someone or ask for some help or guidance in some way. god is a presence in all our lives on a daily basis he lays down 2 paths and we chose which one to walk along.
    you dont have to be in a church to pray do it however u feel comftable and where ever u like. as long as u feel u are communicating with god then thats all there is to be done.. i pray in bed at night i lay for a few minutes and gather my thoughts before going to sleep and pray to thank god for the childrens health etc. but not everyday i prob pray 2 or 3 rimes a week then sundays in church

    sorry if ive waffled a bit1
  • Thank you honey, do you attend church every single sunday if you do not mind me asking?

    K xx
  • no, not any more part of the reason i had to give up on confirmation classes. the priest wanted us to attend church every sunday up until confirmation and other services leading up to the event but i cudnt commit to them with so much to do before the baby is born and hubby only having weekends off work...
    i prob go once or twice a month depending whats going on. i also live away from home so spend a lot of weekends seeing families etc..
    you dont need to go every sunday to believe i think as long as u try to go once a month its enough just to keep in touch with the church and that.
  • Thats the one thing I have felt bad about. I went to church every sunday for ages and now we have moved we are further away from that church, and that is the one I have taken my classes with. Also like you with being pregnant I have been feel ill and so on and have not made sunday mass for a while.

    I feel so bad about this though i use to think you don't have to be in the lords house to pray but I hear the girls at the classes talking about never missing a mass as it would be like turning your back on god and I feel really bad.

    K xx
  • everyones faith is different we all believe different things i dont think 2 people believe the same things tbh! me and my best mate both believe different things but both respect each others beliefs.
    i dont think u need to be in church to pray at all and he defianatly dosnt think any ledd of u because u cant make service every sunday! x
  • HI K-Lou, I have recently joined a Baptise church and I try and go every other week. I also go to bible reading classes and attended the alpha course which was brilliant - it really looked into the reasons for religion, how to pray etc etc. You don't need to pray out loud you just need to remember to address the Lord / God / Jesus and say Amen... I try and pray in my head every night before I go to sleep but sometime I forget as I am tired! I really enjoy finding my faith I am still not ready to pray out loud etc but each day I do feel like things change within me... The weird thing is the day I decided to become a Christian was the day I got pregnant after 3 years and 8 months of trying!!

    Emma 15+6
  • Hi K, don''t let the other girls at the classes make you feel guilty, if you feel close to god when you light a candle then maybe do it at home in a quiet space. you might remember me saying hubby is a Christian, and he says he just thinks about things/asks for help/gives thanks for things when he is relaxing (ie playing golf, listening to music) and to him this is prayer. It's a very personal thing. x
  • Hi K,

    My husband is Catholic and my son is being raised Catholic, and because of the hours my husband works he very rarely is able to attend mass. He believes (as do i) that praying is a very personal and individual thing, and all that matters is that you are sincere. Whether a prayer is just a quick chatter in your head, or in church, or with a candle etc, as long as you mean it, you'll get heard. xx
  • I'm Catholic, so is hubby and daughter. We go to mass every Sunday.

    I dont really say prayers other than in the chapel once a week.

  • Hi K-Lou,

    I'm Anglican and was confirmed as an adult. I don't think there is ever a 'correct' way to pray but it's personal to yourself - you own dialogue with God. Mine might be formally (in church, intercession and Eucharist) or in daily life a prayer at nighttime (I can never get to sleep otherwise) and general 'conversation' throughout the day. I don't think it matters where you are as long as you do it.

    In terms of church attendance of course it's important to attend ( a coal shines brighter when it's in the company other burning coals!!!!) but there are times of life when circumstances overtake you, for example, your morning sickness. In my case it was coming to terms with a miscarriage - it took weeks but when I went back I was welcomed with open arms. It should be the same with your church.

    In terms of everyday life I try to apply Christian principals to the way I treat people and my actions. I got a lot of guidance from Joyce Meyer's website on this - it's a real eye opener!

    Anyway, enjoy your walk with God and good luck for your baptism.

    Shell x :\)
  • I'm catholic my hubby was baptised catholic but he isn't a practising catholic and doesn't really have any religious beliefs. I go to mass each sunday too and i agree with most other people who have commented here, praying is a really personal thing.

    For me, i usual have a "little chat" in my own head when i am alone and having a quiet few mins at the end of the day, or it can be at church before mass, i don't think there can ever be a right or wrong way of doing it!

  • Hi girls

    Thank you all very much for your feedback I guess you are very right about the praying. I have prayed a few times and it felt different but still at times I can feel silly it's just working around that really.

    I have to have confession 6 weeks after I have been baptized so i think i will speak to Father about the fact i have not attended mass each Sunday.

    Thank you girls image

    K xx
  • I was baptised Catholic as a baby, went to two catholic schools, totally despised church, But I do pray when I am troubled or low, I dont sit infront of a candle, go to church or speak outloud. I literally pray in my head when I am in bed.
  • i was at mass on sunday go every week and i saw a beautiful cermony for an adult inducted into the church ,it was quite lovely. i have a 16yr old and i do not say go to mass you catholic,i explained there are diff reasons for going ,it does help to meditate and pray if you have troubles. i find it helps get through the week .
  • Thank you, we had a service on saturday mass , as we went to see the Bishop yesterday that was a lovely service and was really nice to get up and shake his hand. I really enjoyed it.

    We have a meal this thursday all the girls in our class for pass over.

    K xx
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