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do u believe the theory that .....

the babies heart sounds like train for a boy,and galloping horse for a girl??:\?


  • i have heard that the heart rates differ, yes, but i have been told they don't. i really don't know, my baby's heartbeat sounded like a fast heartbeat, i suppose you could liken it to train OR a galloping horse, but it's definately a boy! found out this a.m!
  • Just had my little boy last Weds and his heart beat definately sounded like a train!
  • i've never heard of that hmm will def listen for it tho image
  • ahh well done curlyclaire xx hey suzaie, thats what i wanted to hear lol congratulations,how r u feeling??
    hey kellyanne, yeah, also heard that if your babys heart rate is over or under certian beats for minute 2 but cant remember how many beats it is and which way round lol when i work it out ill let you know lol
  • ah ha just read on here "Apparently if your babys heartbeat is above 140bpm it's a girl and below it's a boy." dont know how true this theory is but y know, that would mean for me that one theory is wrong,as my baby is 155 bpm and sounds like a train lol
  • i had my midwife today and from what I can remember :roll: it sounded like a horsey *clip clop* and was over 140bpm (baseline 150bpm) but i also found out that I'm measuring 2cm bigger than my weeks, so I'm having a girly hippo! xxxx
  • hey squirleyfaerie , well done, lol! you decided not to find out properly then??
  • NHS Lothian doesn't give 20weeks scans, something to do with lack of funding (who knows :roll: ) and I couldn't afford a gender scan privately, so I ain't found out. And I'd probably just tell everyone anyways. It's the only present I'll not be able to harass the giver into giving me more info :lol: I'm rubbish with surprises!!! Unfortunately, I'm now too far on (26 days and counting) to get a gender scan, they can only tell what way up the baby is :\( and it's STLL to I have to wait till munky hippo makes an appearance image
  • Hi, I'm not feeling too bad thanks squirleyfaerie, had a c section so sore tum, but a big cuddle with my little Jake makes up for it! Don't worry about being told you are measuring big, I was told through my whole pregnancy that he would be 8 or 9 pounds, and he was a petite 6lb 14oz! I didn't get newborn clothes, only 0-3 months so everything drowns him, I keep sounding like my mum and telling everyone that he will grow into them!!!
  • yay Suz!!!! So it's all just fluid then - I've been saying that for ages now. Also found out that I've put on 40kg since I was 8 weeks, which is kinda depressing...I have heavy amniotic fluid! :lol: at least thats what I'm telling myself.image
  • weird! at my 20 week scan they said i was having a girl, so for the last 15weeks(really that long???) weve been calling her, her etc. then last week i had a m/w app and when she listened to the heartbeat she said oh thats a boys heartbeat if ever i heard one!! it might be a girly little boy!
  • ahh susie, so you will be suprised either way then?? or believe your scan more?? that must have confused you a little!! xx
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