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Heartburn !!

Hi all

I have been getting heartburn for a few months now am currently 16 weeks.

The question i have is why do i only seen to get it at night after tea and before bed, am ok during the day.

Does anyone else have this???



  • Cazz

    Me too hon.... exactly the same!!

    I have no idea why. Just thank god for Gaviscon!!!

  • Hi Cazz

    I have heartburn every single night without fail.....

    As Sam says thanks for gaviscon, its disgusting but it works.

    Sara 33 weeks
  • i have been getting heartburn for about 4 weeks now, i tend to get i after 3pm and in the evening, i think milk helps ease it off.

  • i get heartburn too lots of acid in my throat disgusting i drink half a pint of milk before i go to bed (ive never been able to drink it before but now i look at it as medicine much nicer than gaviscon and its good for babys bones) i also suck on a rennie pastel they are quite pleasant not chalky at all.
  • Hiya hunni! I also suffer really bad heartburn when i lay down in bed at night and find Rennie Soft Chews work great, and unlike Gaviscon they dont taste awful! x
  • Me too,
    I always drink a glass of milk before i go to bed and it always works. If i forget then its soooo awful! xx
  • I have also been getting acid reflux which started last week. When lying in bed you should lie on your left side apparently this helps. I keen to try it when i nest get it at night despite preferring to lie on y right side! I tend to get it about 10pm. I have been reading up on it online which says you can try and avoid it by eating your tea 2 hours before you go to bed i not sure if this helps as i always eat late! i have been sipping ilk. however i will try drinking a while glass of ilk. I spoke to a pharmacist the other day and he ilk isn't very good and gaviscon is all he could think off! hearing you guys he is obviously wrong! im trying to put off buying any medication image xxx
  • i have been suffering with acid indigestion more than heartburn but the 2 go together, i am constantly sucking on the gavisgon advance tabs from the chemist (free on perscript) and they work a treat, i normally have about 8 a day at the mo !
  • Hiya im 26 weeks and 5 days i get heartburn still and its really bad esp at nights/evenings i have loads milk which helps and always take a glass to be with me image
  • with the acid reflux thing, i know gaviscon isnt pleasant but it really worked a treat for me, i was literally swigging the stuff from the bottle when i was pregnant! and it worked a treat, i probably took more than the reccommended dose but its not something you can easily OD on. and after a while i grew to like the taste! X
  • hi i too have started getting heartburn and got a cheapo gaviscon equivalent free on prescription and it says on the label take after meals and at night (so i just assumed thats when you normally get heartburn) ..i have to say its not been too bad so far, but i am only 21 weeks so itll prob get much much worse!!
  • I've had really bad indigestion that started yesterday evening and meant I didn't sleep well. This morning I didn't feel too bad, but by the afternoon it was back again and I can't seem to shift it. I've been chewing Rennies, so off to try a glass of milk now. Thanks for the tip!
  • Hi there

    I stuffer really badly from indigestion and i was on tablets for life due to my reflux dont work too well and they have to stop me taking the tablets as its not good for the baby so i had it few sundays ago and its was not very nice as the pain is lot worse than labour as u feel like someone is stamping on ur chest and the baby kept moving around which didnt help lol

    As for heart burn i drink milk during the day and before bed as its really does help but not all the time!!!, i suffer from it mainly at night time ie early hours of the morning grrr!!!

    Milk settled it for some reason i dont know why, but been told by my doctor that if i drink milk during the day and before bed its really does settle my reflux and give the baby good start for the bones so i kept drinking milk during the day i just have a glass now and again

    Try it out after meals as i do and its sure does work!!!

    Cheriste xxxxxxxxxx
  • I started off getting it at set times and now it comes on when it feels like it. I was recomended refresher sweets and they seem to work much better than gaviscon.
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