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Im new here so just wanted to say Hi!!!

Im new to this site, Im 32 and Im 19 weeks pregnant with my 5th child. Joined the site a few days ago and have become addicted already especially reading all the posts in the chat room. Everyone seems so friendly here and its nice to know that I can come here with all my questions/problems :\)

Sarah x x


  • Hi Sarah
    congratulations and welcome to the site, you'll love it here.
    Em x
  • Hi Sarah

    Welcome to the site - everyone is really friendly here and there are so many different people at different stages it's great.

    I'm having my 4th child in June so you're one up on me (crazy lady!) Haven't found out what bubs is as we want a surprise.

  • Hi there!!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy,
    take care
    Adele xxx
  • Hi, congrats on baby no 5 and welcome to the site.
    vikki xx
  • Hello, congratulations and welcome to the site xxxxx

  • Hi everyone, thanks for making me feel so welcome. After having 2 miscarriages last year I had given up on the hope of having a healthy pregnancy so Ive only just started to relax now Ive nearly reached the half way mark. I didnt have my 10-12 week dating scan till last week (18 weeks) cos I was so convinced that something was going to happen again that I didnt even book in with my midwife till I had reached 15 weeks, so Ive now started to relax a little and accept that Im having a baby, yippee!!! Ive got my 20 week scan in 3 weeks time when I will be 22 weeks so I cant wait, am hoping to find out the sex cos Ive seen a pink pushchair I have fell in love with but obviously cant have if is a boy lol. Hope everyone else is feeling ok and looking after themselves,

    Sarah x
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