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Hey, how do you go about doing product testing 

any information would be great thank you 


  • you have to wait for them to put posts up for items and then if it is suitable for you, you comment and then they choose at people who it will suit at random.  You don't always get selected xxx

  • Hi Anniexox, welcome to the forum. Hayleyb1187 is absolutely right. 

    Usually the products you see on the site are reviewed and tested by journalists, who are also parents.

    But we do offer other product tests, to our members, and these are done via our the Forum. What happens is, when we have a product to test, we post a new thread with the product details and we then ask if you would like be considered, to simply post with your details below the thread (providing your baby or child fits the criteria). You would then have to be selected as we only have limited numbers of products to test.

    The best advice we could offer is to check the forum regularly for these product tests – they can be found here

    We also use testers for our MadeForMums Toy Awards which happens around July (we're afraid we're closed for testers for this now), and judges to test all sorts of baby/child products for our MadeForMums Awards, which happens around November/December. We recruit these testers and judges via the chat forum too. 

    We do hope this helps and please do let us know if you have any other questions. 

  • I actually thought there was a new product test available 🤣

  • Hi Farwah, not at the moment we're afraid - we are due to announce the people selected to be judges for the MadeForMums Toy Awards in the next few weeks, but that's it right now. 

  • Hi I just wondered when the testers for the made for mums awards will be notified? Is it earlier december? 

  • Hi Sebbie1952, thanks for the post. Yes, testers for the MadeForMums Awards are usually alerted during December, so we're 99% sure all testers will be alerted this side of Christmas. Fingers crossed! 

  • Fingers crossed then! We were lucky to be picked for toy awards so not expecting to be lucky again but you never know! 

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