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Spotting at 6 weeks pregnant

Ladies could anyone advise me on this please.. im 6 weeks pregnant and have had brown discharge for the past week and just now i saw about two drops of blood mixed with discharge so i freaked out as you may imagine... i have no cramping at all which keeps me calm but still worrying deep down. Has this happened to anyone else? Any comment will be appreciated x


  • Hazelll, spotting during early pregnancy isn't uncommon. Brown is old blood so don't worry too much. I do understand that you're stressed though as I had miscarriage myself and it was one of the worst days in my life.

    There are 3 things you can do and check. You can get a digital test with weeks indicator that would confirm that you're still on 3+ (so at least 5 weeks pregnant) but it's not super accurate or go for hcg blood test on 2 consecutive days to check if it's still rising or go for an early internal scan where fetal pole, maybe even heartbeat would've been seen. That should reassure you everything is ok. Good luck xx

  • aww im sorry for your loss :(. I also had a chemical pregnancy last month so i really want this baby to stick. And i know my hospital will make a huge fuss about me getting checked now at this stage unless im experiencing something extraordinary so i don even have the energy to try and convince them for anything, im already feeling down. Im going to wait another week or so and just watch out for the spotting, just hope it stops and all is fine xxx

  • Like I said, discharge and spotting is quite normal so don't panic :) if you have no other bad symptoms like bad cramps or fever they probably won't offer you a scan until you're around 8 weeks. I had a private early scan during this pregnancy as anxiety was unbearable. Fingers crossed your spotting will end and everything is ok xx 

  • I have looked at private ones too but theyre just approx £80 which i find is alot so i need to remain calm and jus wait :( thank you so much for your advice xxx

  • I had this around 6-8 weeks. Happened a couple times, I was so worried but everything was fine. I did pay for a private scan at 9 weeks and it was very reassuring, I’m 16 weeks now and so far so good. try to not worry to much xx 

  • Awww thank you, its so good hear that it went all fine for you when youve experienced the same thing. Good luck in your pregnancy and i feel a lot better now after all the advice :) x

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