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Help Please - Hot Baths

Hello to all of you.

I hope you are all well and enjoying being pregnant.

I have a question i hope you can help with. I know during your pregnancy your not meant to have a HOT bath but constitutes a HOT bath,

I have just today had a bath (have been showering normally) but now i am worried it was too hot and might have harmed my baby. I am 12 weeks pregnant.

The water was not as hot as i am used to having it (i do have very hot baths). It was hot but comfortable.

If anyone can hlep please do - trying to put my own mind at ease.




  • Hi Jas

    I too have very hot baths normally. Basically what you shouldn't do in pregnancy is overheat. I was still having baths that were making my skin bright red and making me go a bit dizzywhen I got out before I remembered this (also the reason you shouldn't sunbathe/sunbeds/saunas etc)!

    Remember it's only precautionary, so I'm sure everything will be fine - think about how many babies survive when their mums don't even know they're pg until a good few weeks in and haven't changed their lifestyles at all.

    Off to have a warmish bath myself soon - aaaahhhh.

  • Thanks for your reply Karen.

    I was really aching as i suffer from post viral fatigue too . So need something to release me tense muscles, i hope it wast too hot, i did start off warm but i felt cold. so added some more hot water, prob is when your in it you dont feel it getting so hot., I did feel abit hot when i got out so thats what worried me.

    Thanks, ill try not to worry too much.

  • Well as far as I take the hot bath thing ---- if you re sitting in your bath and get sweat on your face, then it s too hot ...image

  • I work on the same theory as fooxoo, as long as I don't start sweating I don't worry....

    My peanut does have a gentle kick around in the bath but goes mental with hot water bottles so I'm guessing he likes the baths but not the hot water bottles!!!!!

  • Hi,

    Thank you all so much. i didnt start sweating so hopefully im ok. This can all be so daunting. its nice to have a place like this and people as kind as you all to help make some sense of it all.

    I dont feel to nervous now.

    Cheers alll

  • Hey

    When I was speaking to my physio therapist I was informed that lying too long in the bath would be bad anyway. And the closer you get to your due date the more difficult it would be to move in and out anyway. Also be careful of fainting. Getting straight out the bath can sometimes leave me light headed! They told us in antenatal that no more than body temperature should be fine. I take baths all thetime. Keep the temperature low. And I never bath alone just in case I do get light headed or get dizzy.

    Just be carefull hun.


  • Tash - your post made me laugh - who do you take in the bath with you???!!! It's obviously my very warped sense of humour, but I envisioned you grabbing a neighbour if your oh wasn't available!!!!!

  • I am like Zoey, I hate baths unless they are boiling hot. I hate them anyway really as I can't stay still long enough lol and I get bored. I always have hot showers. Sometimes when the water hits my bump I can feel my baby turn away from it, or towards it, I dunno!

    I think very hot baths can only hurt in the very early first trimester, hence why women used to use them to induce a miscarriage...But when the baby is well implanted, I doubt they do any harm. I wouldn't worry! xxxx
  • i read ages ago that you should avoid too hot baths as it takes the blood to the skin and away from the organs and baby, so best to keep it pleasent. My friend made me laugh though, she had a very blond moment and thought you would boil the baby!!! if the bath was too hot, LOL, i'm glad she's my friend she cheers you up no matter what the sittuation.
  • to be fair, my partner used to sit with me, now my mum sits with me when I am in the bath coz I naturally have low blood pressure so a bath can be quite a gamble lol.
  • Hi All,

    Youve all helped me relax alittle more about it, (and made me laugh). I have a scan booked on wed for a nuchal so hopefully that will show all is ok. Had a mc with my last preg so its more scary this time round.

    I think i will def staying away from any more baths though and just stick to the showers - save me worrying so much!!!

    Jas xx
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