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Car seats - im confused?

Brought our travel system the other day and was told it was a rear facing car seat, its only now few days on that i thought to myself "hang on....if im driving how will i see my baby in the back if they are facing the other way?????"

I will be using my husbands car when baby arrives and his front passenger seat has an airbag which dont think you can turn off.

I dont think i have ever seen a newborn in the front of the car is this normal??
Dont really like the idea of baby in the back and me not being able to see them


Laura (25+1) xxx


  • Unfortunately you are right that you won't be able to see them! However you can buy a special mirror that fits on to your back headrest that allows you to either turn round and have a quick peek, or depending on the angle see them in the rear view mirror. This is the one we had from mothercare

    They are definately safer in the back, even if you can turn the airbag off so it is probably worth investing in one of these. Hope that helps,
    Kerry xx
  • Hi, (sorry, gatecrashing) My sister uses a mirror on her lo's seat, and it has another one that you fix onto the rearview mirror, then you can angle it to see the baby. Cant remember where she got it from (think it was blooming marvelous or something, she ordered it anyway).

    zoey, there are some cars which you cant turn off the airbag hun, my cousin has a volvo and they couldnt turn the airbag off in that. I think some of the newer ones have a switch but the older ones dont turn off. xx

  • My car and hubby's car both have front air bags that we can turn off. But baby will be in the back of both our cars and we plan to get one of those mirrors others have mentioned. I'm still having trouble getting the car seat in and out of the iso fix base. It makes hubby laugh! I have got until July to crack it! xxx
  • Hi All, we are having lo in the back as think it will be safer as if he/she is in the front it will be easier to be distracted. I have seen those mirrors that you are all talking about in tesco's and morrisions. jellyfishpink I car seat also needs 1 of those iso fix bases - best get it ordered so I can practise getting it in & out......only 12 weeks to go for me!
    Tammi xxx
    28 weeks
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