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is it ok to ......

is it ok to sleep on your back? i am finding it really uncomfy to lie on my sides and find it quite comfy to lie on my back but im scared i may be squashing the baby and my insides!!!!


  • its only a nono in the later stages i think when the weight of the baby can press on one of the main vains that can lower your blood pressure and slow the flow to the baby.
    i love lying on my back but my husband keps waking m up as i already have very low blood pressure, bless him hes concern is so lovely, little annoying at 3am but still nice.
    try putting a pillow behind your back you wont want to lay on your back then as it will be uncomfortable

    love melissa

  • i always struggled with sleeping positions cuz i used to sleep on my stomach, couldn't lie on my back, baby hated me on my left side so i only had my right side which wasn't that great, i found putting a pillow between my legs helped loads tho x

  • not really sure but i always go to sleep on my side and wake up on my back, for some reason while im sleeping i always roll over which is weird as i have always slept on my side intill this pregnancy x
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