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Realistic meals

Right....according to google everyone feeds their children healthy, wholesome, homemade meals involving various quinoa , oats, vegetables iv never heard of this true? Does nobody ever really feed their children spaghetti hoops and birds eye fish fingers any more? Lol 


  • Oh god I'm guessing by all the views and lack of replies I really am the only one feeding crappy food,  how do you all have time to cook all this homemade food! Aaargh!

  • You are not alone! I totally started out very well intentioned, cooking all my purees from scratch, following all the advice, blending lentils (and I have never cooked a lentil in my bloody life!) and then it got to a point where i had two kids, and i realised it's all about balance!

    So my kids now who are 5/9 get a few home cooked meals in the week, plus a mix of some lovely frozen, breaded chicken, fish fingers, pizza, chips, hell I do it too! And you know what, i have never begrudged sweets and choc either. 

    My go to meal for my eldest when i've run out of good food is spaghetti hoops on toast, and for my youngest who is a right proper carnivore, she'll eat steak and chips - what this kid won't do for a carb too! Jacket potatoes are always a winner. 

    And quinoa has never passed their lips! 😂😂😂

  • Thank-you thank-you thank-you! You don't know how much better that makes me feel! I'm the same .I make cottage pies, spat boy and Sunday dinners etc but he also gets pizza, spaghetti hoops on toast and chips and fish fingers etc half the week, I really was getting worried because when you google meal ideas for toddlers it's all lentils, chickpeas, hummus and random stuff that Iv never eaten in my life! 

  • I'm telling you, pretty much every mum i know is totally the same! Not being judgy, but i wouldn't do frozen food every night, but a good mix is totally fair enough! And really, i don't have enough time to cook every night, i try and get as much fruit and veg down them as poss too (no way near 5 a day!!!) but let's be realistic here! 

    Tell you what, one of my kids is quite partial to a bit of hummus (i quite like it with a carrot stick 😂) but we do what we can do! And the kids are happy and healthy, then it's alright! 

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