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  • Baby Eli was delivered by emergency c section yeasterday at 9.51. After being unsuccessfully induced for 36 hours and only getting to 3cm dilated, the surgeon decided enough was enough and within an hour of decided this was the correct route, I was holding him in my arms. He was born with a very swollen head, where he had been 'headbutting' my cervix for the 36 hours, and boy did u feel that. But after a bit of a wonkey start, hes here and hes perfect,weighing a very respectable 8lb11oz.image

  • He looks absolutely perfect.... Congratulations x

  • Congratulations Faye!!! Sounds like a long one so hope you’re getting lots of rest now! He’s gorgeous!

  • Congratulations faye!!! Hope ur both well!! xxx

  • Ahhh congratulations Faye! 🥰

    good luck everyone else... not much longer now! Xx

  • Congrats faye hes gorgeous. Ive lost track whos had babies and whos left now x

  • Same - would be interesting to get the list out of due dates and put the delivery dates on it. Won’t be long no. Before we’re all on the Feb baby thread. 

    Im trying to rest this morning ahead of my sweep just in case it works!

  • Still waiting for baby! Got unsuccessful sweep this morning as midwife could only reach the tip of my cervix and couldn't perform the sweep. Was quite painful 😥 going straight for induction on Saturday. Need to check in the morning if they have any bed. I'm gonna be 12 days over, getting increasingly concerned by this as nobody seemed alarmed. I know the stillbirth risk increases every day I'm overdue and she listened to baby's heart for about 30 seconds today...

    The baby is not coming down, or showing sign of trying, but nobody knows why. Wish they could investigate. I feel like this induction is set to fail and they're going to let me go into a long forced labour which will cause distress for my baby and I and will probably end up in a c-section. I will be very upset if that is the case. I'm not against c-section, whatever is best for baby really but the wait is ridiculous and unnecessary in my opinion...Sorry for the rant, probably the hormones and and all that 😊

    Congrats to all of you who made it, sending lots of love to you and your little ones x

  • Ah Mary I’m so sorry for all this you’re going through! It’s not fun at all, but the end is in sight!!! Itll all be over soon and your hold your sweet LO in your arms and somehow something magical will happen and we’ll forget all about this stress and pain!

    i had my sweep today, and she sent me to hospital for an assessment, talking if even inducing me tonight. But they’ve given me codeine for pgp and if it doesn’t help in a couple of days I go back to be induced. Or even if it does help I can go back on Tuesday (40 weeks) and be induced then. 

    So fingers crossed firstly the sweep magically works tonight but if not I finally have a plan. 

  • Mary58, im sorry you feel like this,but I completely know how you feel coz that's how mine went, are you able to ask for a scan to see how baby is lying. After all the faffing around they eventually got the scanner and realised Eli was lying sideways, but his chin was sticking out as it looked like he was looking in the direction of my birth cannel, so I think they realised then that things were not progressing as they should hoping everything works out for you and you'll have your baby on your arms very soon. Xxc

  • If it helps I wasn't due to be induced until 40 and 13. Cervix was still posterior and behind babies head at 40 + 9 so had unsuccessful and a little painful sweep attempt. But labour at 40 + 10 came naturally and cervix moved to right place itself for natural labour I just couldn't cut the pain after 16 hrs so took epidural out of choice. Try and relax you are really close xx

  • Yup.  40+4 today and had my first sweep.  Kinda disappointing because I was only 1cm dilated.  We had also thought that baby was way down in my pelvis (feeling from my tummy), but apparently when measured from my cervix baby is hanging out at -3 (want it to be at +5).  Cervix is also still pretty long and not too soft.  All to say not as close as I was thinking I was to going into labour!  I know it can take 24-48 hours for a sweep to lead to labour, but I walked around the mall until my pelvis started hurting today after the sweep and have had no contractions, no bloody show, no signs whatsoever.  *sigh*

  • Carolyntheke I am the same. Had my sweep and had period pains since but nothing else. Currently away with the pains bouncing on the ball. 

    Had an assessment at the hospital and they gave me codeine for the pgp pain to keep me from being induced but it hasn’t taken the pain away at all, just gave me a weird head feeling! So need the sweep to work now to avoid being induced

  • Hey mary and Carolynthekeebler. Just wondering how you are both doing?

  • Im going to put up when my baby was born and his weight so then everyone whos had their babies can copy padte and add on and hopfuly in a few weeks we will all be on it and will be discussing new borns and not bumps xxx

  • Mummyto4  baby Murphy 6/2/2019 7lb9oz 💙 

  • Hi everyone, please do check out this announcement about changes to the forum, happening next week. We hope it explains everything, but if not, just post on the Announcement thread and we’ll help 😊

  • Mummyto4  baby Murphy 6/2/2019 7lb9oz 💙 

    Fayeuk baby Eli William 18/02/2019 8lb 11oz 💙

  • Chelseafirsttimemum baby Cody 02/02/2019 7lb 💙

    Mummyto4  baby Murphy 6/2/2019 7lb9oz 💙 

    Fayeuk baby Eli William 18/02/2019 8lb 11oz 💙

  • Sophiemarie32 baby Harriett 30/01/2019 6lb7oz 💖Chelseafirsttimemum baby Cody 02/02/2019 7lb 💙Mummyto4  baby Murphy 6/2/2019 7lb9oz 💙 Fayeuk baby Eli William 18/02/2019 8lb 11oz 💙

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