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Late and negative

Hi ladies ive not posted or been on for ages!

My cycles are a little irregular sometimes 29 sometimes 31. 

Today I am on cycle day 34. On the 11th my period due date I had a tiny amount of pink spotting. Then nothing but white discharge.  

Its so frustrating to be late but negative pregnancy tests. Not even a faint line. 

My sister told me not to get my hopes up. 

I guess I just needed a vent. 

Had anybody had experience of getting negative tests after period is late and getting a positive later? 


  • I'd leave it upto around a week after your af and test again... If your af still hasn't come maybe speak to the Gp to put your mind to ease... Good luck and hope you get the outcome you want....
  • Hi @Ellie88.. I am in the same position! Regular 29day cycle then this month I’m now 2 days late tested the day after AF due and negative. I just think that if I was then even the faintest line would show.. any update from you? 
  • Now on day 35. Still negative :(
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    Do you have any other symptoms? A lot of creamy or watery discharge or was the discharge only on your period due date?

    There are a lot of stories on the web of women not getting BFP until 7+ days late. But there are unfortunately even more stories of women who randomly get a late period despite never before.

  • Tons of creamy and watery discharge every day since period due date, I refuse to be caught out with a surprise period so ive had my moon cup in and every time I check its got loads of white sometimes clear stretchy mucus. I'm hoping this one is the one but at the same time I want to not get overexcited. 
  • The mucus could be a positive sign.

    Impossible not to be hopeful when  your period is late when you are normally so regular. 
    Hopefully you get the BFP soon
  • I am the same @Ellie88 I have watery/creamy discharge but just absolutely no sign of my period at all. Saying that my symptoms like nausea and sore boobs also seem to have subsided slightly so I’m not very hopeful at all.. but getting more and more annoyed thenlonger this cycle is going on! When are you going to test again? I really don’t want to do it all over again when I don’t think that I am pregnant so I’m going to wait a full week then going to test and if neg going to ring the docs and explain to see if they can shed any light. 
  • Hi I’m in the same boat never late and now 5 days over. Boobs sore too I’ve tested twice one negative and one came up with a faulty reading.  I’m 28+4 now and few cramps and convinced my period going to start any min but nothing. 
    Any advice? Or even good tests to try.  
  • Now on cycle day 35. Still negative on the test. Still plenty of discharge. Just wish af would show or a positive test. I hate this limbo
  • I’m Day 32 so behind you slightly.. are you going to contact docs? I can’t decide what’s going on and just want to know why I’m late with no sign of period coming. So frustrating 
  • I’m day 32 and feeling so nauseous the past few days too still want to know one way or the other. 
  • So frustrating. 
    I took a boots digital apart today after it said not pregnant and theres 2 lines but I've read digitals always have 2 lines so don't know what to think. I've bought a first response but I'm going to try to hang on a few days before I do that one. I just want to know either way now. If I am then wonderful it's been a long 3 years of trying on and off. If I'm not then crack on with the bleeding so we can start the next cycle 
  • Hi ellie yes the digital always have 2 lines so disregard that as they're different from the normal test strips x 
  • Thanks susie for clarifying. 
    Like most poas addicts I cannot help but take tests apart in case I can see a line 🤣 fully determined. Had a minor falling out with my mum today. Sent her the screenshot of ovia message, I tried to send it here but it says file too big. It basically says you've missed your period so weve stopped predictions until you get a positive or a period. Even my fertility app has given up on life. Anyway showed my mum and she was so unsupportive. "I thought you were waiting till his sample results come back. It'll happen on gods time not yours. Why are you tracking are you menopausal. Tracking is just giving you more stress every month. Just be happy with what you've got. A watched pot never boils" Blah blah blah. She apologised when I ranted at her and told her tracking isn't out of the ordinary and most people trying do track. And Hubbys last sample results were borderline and even so it only takes 1 sperm right?
    Sorry rant two this week 🙈

  • Still nothing here now day 33 my DH thinks it’s from allot of stress last week till I pointed out that moving house and getting married in the same week didn’t affect it.  Trying to hold off testing for as long as I can now.  
  • @Li200107 exactly the same! Cd33... I have waves of nausea and a few francs/lower stomach pains on and off and TMI very constipybut absolutely nothing that leads me to think deffo pregnant or period deffo on way.. so annoying! Do you think ovulation was later this month and this is just the normal length literal phase waiting for period? I honestly have no clue!
  • I’ve just had a look through my tracking app and in two years only once has it been this late and I was convinced then that was a missed mc.  Normally I go between 25 - 29 days.  Thing is I either conceived early or late there was no in between lol.  
  • I’ve been looking back at my cycle this month and just can’t work out what’s happened. This morning I now also have back ache so wondering if I have a UTI or something that’s causing delay. Going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow to at least rule out anything else. Then if it’s a waiting game for AF so be it! 
  • I also have some back ache it feels like it’s on it’s way but has done since last Thursday.  Boobs less sore today but still feel bigger than normal.  Doctors can also run bloods to check for hgc levels fingers crossed for you xx 
  • I’m not very hopeful of a pregnancy at this stage especially a healthy one.. just think a war would’ve picked something up. And yeah I will go to the docs and see, fingers crossed for you too.. when are you next testing? X
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