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Hcg blood test

Hi I’m newly pregnant only 4 weeks. Anyone else obgyn Made them do the blood hcg test 3 times. My levels were low cause it was early so he made me repeat the test but then they seemed to have doubled nicely and now he has asked me to repeat it again on Monday and I’m worrying something is wrong that he wants me to repeat it a third time! Anyone else had this experience ??


  • I had two HCG tests. I questioned why I had to have another as the first was positive. The receptionist told me he was checking for ectopic. Thankfully my numbers doubled. It could just be routine with some doctors. Is this your first child? 
  • Ye is my first pregnancy. My numbers doubled nicely all the tests and then I had an early scan at 5 weeks. He couldn’t see much except saw the gestational sac in the uterus so he could see not ectopic. So I was happy. Think he was just being safe but luckily my numbers doubled every test nicely. Now anxiously waiting for my heartbeat scan in just over a week. I’m currently 6 weeks 6 days. 
  • I’m roughly 8 weeks and still waiting for my midwife to get in touch about my booking appointment. I too am very anxious. This is my 3rd child so I’ve no idea why I’m anxious! 
  • good to know that its normal to be anxious! especially this is my first so im even more anxious I just want to see the heartbeat and know everything is okay! but I have to wait patiently another 12 more days until my appointment! trying to not worry, but its hard not knowing and being patient haha
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