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How long does miscarriage bleeding last?

I found out 3.5 weeks ago that I had a missed miscarriage (expected to be 8 weeks and was only 5) and have been bleeding since. I was told last week that the miscarriage is incomplete and told to come back in 2 weeks. After tailing off a little over the weekend it started getting really heavy on Sunday night and in Monday it felt like a different type of bleeding, much heavier and more liquid (changing every 1.5 hours) that I wondered if it could be my period. I've felt really tired and dizzy and just so sick of it now and want to be able to move on. 

Sorry for the rant but would like to know how long it lasts for and when I can move on. I was thinking about waiting one cycle before trying again but I'm not sure I want to handle more blood. Other than for dating purposes is there any benefit waiting one month?


  • Hi, sorry to hear you’re having a rough time with it. 
    I had an early loss last Monday and was 5 weeks. I bled heavily for 2 days and have only just today finished bleeding completely. I am assuming I will get my next period in a few weeks but I’d rather not feel like I’m wasting a month. From what I’ve read yes it’s for dating reasons it’s suggested to wait. 
    Sorry that doesn’t really answer your question!
  • I’ve had two miscarriages, one at 8 weeks and one at 5 weeks. The one at 8 weeks I pretty much bled for about 4 weeks and then for 2 weeks I had a brown discharge. My period followed about 3 weeks after the brown discharge stopped. My second miscarriage was very early on and was way different to the first. I bled for about 7 days and had the discharge for about 3 days. The second one was like a heavy period. Obviously there’s no answer to as how long your bleeding will last as everyone’s body is different.

    I tried getting pregnant pretty much straight after my first miscarriage and it took a whole year to conceive again. After my second miscarriage it took me about 7 months to conceive again and now have my beautiful little girl. So I’m guessing it can take your body a while to recover from it. Just don’t be disappointed if you don’t conceive straight away.

    But I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. Hopefully you’re getting the support you need x
  • Hello Danni, 
    were you terrified when you became pregnant for the third time? I am worried that if I am lucky enough again I will just be a constant worry. Had you had any support from Dr with the third time? X
  • Honestly, the support I had from my Doctor throughout the first miscarriage put me off going to them after my second miscarriage. When I become pregnant the third time they had no record of my second one because they didn’t really give me any support or advice the first time round. I didn’t end up going to the Doctor with my third pregnancy until I was about 10 weeks because as sad as sounds, I was in the mindset that the pregnancy would never progress anyways, but obviously it did x
  • Oh that’s awful that’s awful :( sorry you had such bad experiences. Did the third one feel different? Hope you don’t mind me asking about it. X
  • All my pregnancies felt the same tbh. I never had any symptoms with any of them x
  • Ah well I’m so pleased for you that the you have success in the end. I really hope I do too x
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