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Miscarriage Cycle

So in May I had a miscarriage. I searched the internet for detailed schedule on the cycle of a miscarriage and what to expect and couldn't really ever find what I wanted to see. So I kept track of the cycle of my miscarriage and hopefully it will help calm some nerves for someone out there! Obviously this is going to be different for everyone, but this is just my experience. I had a normal, healthy ultrasound the day before the baby's heartbeat stopped so that's how I knew when the miscarriage began. 

Day 1- babys heartbeat stops, brown discharge starts
Day 2- Brown blood in the a.m. Turns bright red in the pm, light in flow
Day 3- Light flow, bright red until 8 am. Then turns heavy with clotting. Ultrasound at 10 am reveals no heartbeat. Bleeding stays heavy and clotting for the next 3 days. 
Day 6- Bleeding and clotting starts to decrease at certain times during the day.
Day 8-11 Bleeding is light to moderate with no clots
Day 12- Heavy cramping in the morning and lost the "pregnancy tissue" at 8 am. 

I used ovulation strips for about a week following the miscarriage. From about day 15 to 21 but never got a positive. So i'm not sure if I ovulated that first month or not. My doctor recommended to wait until one period to start ttc so we didn't watch very closely. I had a normal period 35 days after the heartbeat stopped. 

My next cycle I watch my opks starting at day 11. I did not get a positive test until day 23 of my cycle. I usually run about a 28- 33 day cycle so it is about a week later than my normal ovulation time would have been. So don't give up if you don't see it at first! I was starting to worry I wasn't going to ovulate, but sure enough I did.   


  • Thanks for this, that gives me hope that it wont be too long until I ovulate again as I've been getting negative opks since my mc in may.
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