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My ex’s mum is more interested in me than her grandchild?!

My self and my daughters father split 4 years ago.
Around 8 months ago my ex decided he no longer wanted to see my child as he’d moved on and moved away.
Since then his family have fairly regular contact with my daughter and see her about once a month.
But now my ex’s mum won’t leave me alone. She’s always texting and asking to meet up with me and see me, have a catch up with me etc.
I’ve been nice and ignored it really until now, but how do I tell her I’m not interested in seeing her for myself? I have my own life and my new partners family etc, I don’t want to be rude to her but surely she should want to see her grandchild over me?!
It’s getting progressively more intense and I can’t keep carrying on ignoring it and hoping it will go away, I think I need to lay out some ground rules but I just don’t know how?!?


  • Maybe she feels guilty about her sons behaviour and possibly feels that she is missing out. It may be that your child asks her to invite you. But the best thing to do is explain that you have moved on and you just don't feel comfortable socialising with her. You and your ex lead separate lives and you just don’t want to change things. You can be nice about it! But it is better to be honest with her and then she knows where she stands
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