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Possible miscarriage

So I worked out the start date of my last period was the 29th July. The doctor's and midwife's think I'm 6 weeks +5 I have had a weeks worth of bleeding, nothing really heavy just light spotting and some cramps etc so I had an internal scan 
And an  ultrasound the sonogropher saw nothing no sac, no baby, she saw something next to my left ovary which she thinks is abit of bowel but also suspects eptopic. I have had bloods taken and have more booked in for tomorrow but I don't know wether I'm ready to let go of my baby. 
Has anyone experienced this and had a good outcome?. I'm wishing and praying that my baby is okay and that it's just too early or I'm not as far gone as I think.. I just don't want to accept that this is really happening 💔 


  • Hi Hun, my last period was also on the 29th July, at 5 weeks + 5 days I(just under two weeks ago) started getting a cramp in my left side at around 2pm, and two hours later I started to have a really light spotting, a brown colour, I called my local pregnancy assessment unit and had bloods taken that night and got booked in for an early scan the following day, like you the sonographer didn't find what she should have at how far along I was, so got booked in again for bloods taken the next day which confirmed a drop in HCG levels so I was miscarrying, I'm so sorry it wasn't a good end to my story and not the story you were looking for and I really hope it is different for you, but I totally understand how your feeling, I am still heart broken, please let me know how you get on, but I'm here in you need to personal message me, were in the same boat, I hope your ok xx 
  • @BeckyL24
    Thankyou for your comments, I had my bloods last week and they had risen but by not alot... I have another scan and more bloods tomorrow, I'm 90% sure of the worst outcome and I am expecting it to be honest, I've been waiting in anticipation for 2 weeks to find out a difinitive answer, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, it's very upsetting and hard isn't it, even tho they are so tiny they still hold a big place in our hearts, im always here if you want to chat. 
    I will let you know tomorrow how I get on although I am expecting the worst of course.
  • @Shan123 I'm praying it's good news for you, yes please let me know how you get on, and you're right it's devestating, and agitating when people are saying at least you weren't that far!! Just because I wasn't too far along doesn't make any less heart breaking, I've been given the green light by me EPA unit to start trying again x
  • I’m so sorry to hear your awful news and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    at 6 + 3 I was sent for an emergency scan due to them believing I was ectopic from agonising pain in my side. Thankfully everything was fine and even with a tummy scan it picked up a little heartbeat and baby. Picture of 6+3 tummy scan.

    I honestly wish both you ladies the absolute best of luck in your journeys and send you lots of baby dust 💗💙
  • @MissW1997 thank you so much, I'm so pleased everything turned out ok with you and hoping you have and happy and healthy time for the rest of your pregnancy x
  • @BeckyL24 thank you so much for your well wishes! Only 3 weeks to go for me! I wish you a smooth journey and hope things move along quickly and you get your sticky bean xx
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