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A little guidance needed

Posted in TTC category also (not sure you can post the same thing twice but wasn't sure which category was best to post in!) Also people who are looking at this category may be able to understand my situation more?

Hello everyone,
New to this and not something I would normally do, but I had a miscarriage on the 23rd of August and finding hope and comfort when reading others who have been through the same.
Me and my partner are trying to concieve again and really want to be pregnant again. I stopped bleedig on the 3th of September and did a pregnancy test around then which was negative (bitter sweet). We started trying again on the 11th. I started using ovulation tests on the 20th on and off till now and all have been not fertile. This morning I did an ovulation and pregnancy test and both negative. Struggling to stay hopeful, it's horrible not knowing where my cycle is at and when my next period will come. Just hoping for some advice? xo


  • You might have ovulated early, or u will very late. With mc u don't rky know when u ovulate when to expect period how it pms will present and how it period will be. After first mc I ovulated at cd11 got pregnant with my son, now I mced again, ovulated at cd18 had 33 day cycle, then I ovulated at cd17 got pregnant and mced again. Currently waiting for ovulation, not sure what I will do yet tho. I track bbt so I have precise indication of my cycle at all times. This is what I recommend to do,  if u want to know more about ur cycle.
  • @MadDoda yes I'm beginning to think I ovulated early, eager for my period to start so then I know where I'm at. What's bbt? xo
  • Basal body temperature
  • @MadDoda ahh I've read that as a way to track but never tried it. Do you just take temp once a day? Is it when it's high your ovulating?
  • There are strict rules u have to follow while measuring, when everything is done correctly you will see that during and after period ur temp stays on lower side, after you ovulate it rises and stays up until period and then drops. Unless ur pregnant then it stays up. This method does not predict ovulation, unless u chart for few months. It only confirms that it has occurred. It works great with opk help, if u get peak opk, but it temp doesn't rise it means u are having anovulatory cycle. 
  • Did you have any luck with conceiving hun? I miscarried on the 28th August so was quite close to you xx
  • @HannahC123 so sorry to hear you've been through it aswell. Was it your first pregnancy? How are you coping? I didn't manage to concieve last month as I must have missed ovulation as didn't know where my body was at! But had a period now and trying again at the moment, so fingers crossed for next month! I'm in a better place now and feeling more positive xo
  • it’s just awful isn’t it, no was my 3rd pregnancy hun was it your first pregnancy? Erm I’m coping a lot better than I was every day is different and some days seem harder than others but I’m leaving to deal with it the way that I can if that makes sense, yes I’ve had my first period too a few weeks ago and started trying again aswell so fingers crossed for us both xxx
  • It was my first. Yes fingers crossed!! Keep me updated hun xo
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