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when can u find out the sex?

ive been reading on the internet that it is possible to find out the sex at 12 week scan yet some sites say its too early?! has anyone ev

er found out at 12 weeks ?


  • Hiya,
    I've never heard of ne1 bein able to tel at 12 week scan don't think the organs r developed enough to tel. I think u can tell from bout 17 or 18 weeks so on the NHS have to wait til the 20 week scan
  • I didnt think that the sex organs had formed by 12 weeks and this is why you wait until your 20 week scan. Check out the bbc parenting web site for more info
  • hi im pregnant with my second child and i really wanted to find out the sex asap so i did the same as u and looked on the internet when was the earliest i could find out and i found that it was 12 weeks but i phoned every where to see if they could tell me at 12 weeks but they all said no it was too early so i had to wait until i was 20 weeks to find out.
    hope this helps x
  • hi there,i've never heard of finding out at 12 weeks but i did find out at a scan i had at 16 weeks this time and i'm having another little girl!
  • ive heard it is possible at 12 weeks but its usually a guess iyswim. average time to find out is at 20 week scan... but they can tell from 16-18 weeks. x

  • Hi! I had a private scan carried out at 15 weeks and the sonographer was able to tell the sex of my baby quite easily. I couldn't wait until the 20 wk scan! XXX
  • i also think it depends on the babies position. the nhs dont like to say unless they are pretty sure that they are right with what they are saying. x
  • if you have a good scan picture (clear side angle of baby) from around 11 weeks onwards( not a toilet shot unless 14 weeks or so onwards) you can post your picture on here and and the ladies may be able to tell you the sex of your baby. there are experienced ultrasound techs on there, especially a lady named charliecats, she told me i was having a girl from my 12 week scan pic.

    they can never say 100% but if they can see the gender they are more o0ften right than wrong.
  • the external genetals are actually developed at 12 weeks but on a standard 2d scan at that many weeks it is hard to tell the sex of baby as if its a gitl the clitorous is large so girl bitsw and boy bits look the same,
    when i went for my 12 week scan i saw what looked like a willy but couldnt have it comfermed untill my 4d scan, i was right lol.

  • A couple of weeks ago PrincessJane started a post about a website that can show you how to tell the sex at 12 weeks. Maybe you can look back to find it. Or it may be connected to the website mentioned here already but I can't really remember.

    It's really hard to tell and pretty inaccurate I think. But it's something to do with the angle of the "genital tuber" or something like that! Like Nikki84 said, boys and girls bits look pretty similar at that early stage so apparently it's all down to interpretation of the angle!

    I'd wait until the 20 week scan (if you get it) and ask then (if they tell you!) otherwise go private. We had to do that (they don't tell you up here) and it was well worth it. We're definitely having a boy!

    Sonia x
  • Hello,

    I went private for both my 12 weeks scans and it was with the same consultant. He told us with my second he was 80% certain i was carrying a girl. He was right. He said he can't tell from the organs as they havent developed but he can from the bone scruture as it is different between male and female. A few of my friends saw the same man for they 12 week scans and he was right with them as well!!!!
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